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AGMA B89 (Revision of AGMA ). April AMERICAN GEAR MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION ~~. Geometry Factors for Determining the Pitting. AGMA B89 (R) Information Sheet – Geometry Factors for Determining the Pitting Resistance and Bending Strength of Spur, Helical and Herringbone. diseño de engranajes (AGMA) Este diseño se realizo mediante la norma AGMA la actual normativa de diseño de engranajes.

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The generating pressure angle, 4;is obtained from: Pitting Resistance Geometry Factor, I A mathematical procedure is described to determine the Geometry Factor, Ifor internal and agma b89 gear sets of spur, conventional helical and low axial contact ratio, Aggma, helical designs. Smith Invincible Gear 908-b9.

Item Detail – AGMA B89 (reaffirmed March )

Wgma cutter data is presented for agma b89 component in each numerical example. Assume that cutter addendum is 1. Figure defines the load angle,?

Helical Gear Disc Shaper Cutters. Figure shows the critical point of 908b89 bending stress qgma at the intersection of the Lewis parabola and the gear tooth fillet. Partridge Lufkin Industries A. The J factor calculation procedure must be repeated for both the pinion and the gear using the appropriate dimensions for each. Due to the number of requests for this paper, it was decided to publish the data in the form of an Information Sheet which became AGMA It is hoped that sufficient geometry factor data is included to be agma b89 help to the majority of gear designers.

The nominal tool addendum is hcLo. Certain spur gears may have this load applied at the highest point of single tooth contact. Cutter manufacturers have different designs and production techniques, which affect the final tooth form and the resulting J factor. See, for instance, the reference paper of Elkholy [1].


The calculation of this virtual spur gear is explained in other sections. Cianci General Electric D. If the exact geometry at its worst condition is known, that geometry should be used to calculate the J factor.

9008-b89 is as follows: Because of their thin rims, internal gears have ring-bending stresses which influence both the magnitude and the location of the maximum bending stress. Where double signs are used e. This parameter affects calculations of critical speed of the gearing.


908-v89 Bodensieck Bodensieck Engineering W. These values are then used in conjunction agma b89 the rating procedures described in AGMA B88, Fundamental Rating Factors and Calculation Methods for Involute Spur and Helical Gear Teeth, for evaluating various spur and helical gear designs produced using a generating process.

In order to use Section 5, xl and x2 must be determined. The formulas agma b89 agma b89 Information Sheet are not valid when any of the following conditions exist:. If the dimensions are not known, the geometry of a m inimum cutter may be estimated from the following information: Calvert Morgan Construction A.

In addition to these exceptions, the following conditions are assumed: The addendum avma coefficients, xl and x2, can be established from Eq 6. Newcomb Chicago Gear D. When the transverse contact ratio is greater than 908-b889 equal to 2. Each table of I and J values was generated for a specific tool form basic rack defined by whole depth factor, normal avma profile angle 908-v89 tool edge tip radius. The formulas given are for helical gears; however, spur gears may be calculated by setting the helix angle at zero degrees so that the transverse plane equals the normal plane.


The terms used, wherever applicable, conform to the following standards: The radius of curvature of the fillet curve, Pb, at any point defined by CY n is given by: This Appendix presents the derivation of the pitting resistance formula and the I factor as used in this Information Sheet.

The value of 0. Olson Cleveland Gear J. Because the bending stressesin internal gears are influenced by so many variables, no simplified model for calculating the bending stress in internal gears can be offered at this time.

The following table is typical. This term converts the values of u and t to actual values and was added to account for layouts or calculations that are done to a scale other than one NDP. The results are idgntical to AGMA The calculation procedure for I 908-bb89 simplified, but the end result is mathematically identical. If the radio button on the line [ Therefore, the number of teeth is chosen and specified agma b89 to qualitative and strength indices.


Spur gears develop the most critical stress when load is applied at the highest point of the tooth where a single pair of teeth is carrying all of the load. Foreword This Information Sheet, AGMA Agma b89, was prepared to assist designers making agma b89 design studies, and to present data that agma b89 prove useful for those designers without access to computer programs.

The stress correction factor, Kfincludes the effects of stress 6. Connor Cummins Engine J.