When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen. After the Setup has finished, stop the Web Server and Servlet Engine and then run the ArcIMS Post. Since ArcIMS image and ArcMap Server services are generally similar, they are If you want to do this, you need to manually remove the ArcIMS service from. It is therefore advisable to plan your ArcIMS site configuration before installing on these components see the Overview topic of the Install Guide Introduction.

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If used for round-robin, it will rotate requests among the two Application Servers. The software is also designed for distribution across a network and for scalability as the demand for maps increase. Toggling label visibility can be done by right-clicking the sublayer in the table of contents and choosing Label Features from the context mabual.

In this scenario the Axl directories will be created on this machine, as this machine will be used to serve the Web sites. Service Administrator will be used to administer the Application Server. It is recommended that the path used be a UNC pathname. Table of contents Viewing and setting properties for ArcIMS map service layers Changing the display of the service layer Working with table joins and relates ArcIMS feature services Querying zrcims from manua service layer.

You will be using Service Administrator to administer the Application Servers. If you will be using Service Administrator, it is also recommended that Service Administrator be installed on the Web server machine. For ardims information, see the section on the Advanced tab for web map layers.

ArcIMS vs ArcGIS Server – Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

Configure an ArcIMS site based on the anticipated number of simultaneous users visiting the site and the number of maps generated each day. The following lists common default servlet directories for specific Web server and servlet engine combinations on Windows:. Post as a guest Name. In this example, the Axl file used is also stored on the public Web server machine, the UNC pathname to the Axl file is provided in the File Path field. You can change the background color of the service layer, set a specific color as transparent, apply a level of transparency to the service layer, or change the image type received from the server using the options available on the Advanced tab.


Depending on whether you are using a feature service or a map service either ArcIMS image service or an ArcMap servicethe layers in the ArcMap table of contents and the set of options on the Layer Properties dialog box will differ. Your Application Server machine will need to be able to access these directories discussed in detail when setting up Application Server machines. Each Spatial Server installation needs to know the name of the machine where the Application Server is installed.

Uffe Kousgaard 2, 11 If I have time ill come back to beef this answer up, but the two big ones for me: The Source tab displays information such as the map extent, data service type, URL, version of the ArcIMS server, access restrictions, and coordinate system of the service. To verify that your Web server and Servlet Engine are communicating see the topic Verifying your servlet engine.

Sign up using Email and Password. Application Server can be installed on one machine or many machines. Querying map features can range from retrieving a list of attributes by clicking a feature on the map using the Identify tool to running advanced analytic models using geoprocessing.

Using ArcIMS services layers

If your Application Server is on a different machine than your Connector, some additional configuration of the Connector is required. Choose the default directory, or change the location and create these directories on a different local drive. Colleagues who have been here a while still ask why ArcIMS needs to be replaced and the only answer I can give is that the software is not supported or developed by ESRI anymore.

As time moves on, the atcims increases that updating any piece of software java, OS update etc. Verify you meet system requirements, including that your Web server and servlet engine are running and communicating. Your system domain, username and password to administer ArcIMS background processes.

The Set Data Source button on the Source tab enables you arcoms repair the map service layer if for any reason the connection to the server was interrupted when opening arxims map. With ArcGIS Server, you can publish your map document to the server straight from ArcMap, so there’s a lot less time fiddling in a text editor to make your map look right.


There are many possible ArcIMS site configurations. How many services will be created at one time? Note the line connecting the sublayers. During the post installation setup you will be required to provide the following information: From this tab, you can join or relate an ArcIMS service sublayer to other layers in your map or to stand-alone tables.

Run the ArcIMS setup. The Author, Designer and Administrator can be installed on any machine. The location of your Axl directory.

[OpenLayers-Users] manual for openlayers with arcims?

For more information on these components see the Overview topic of the Install Guide Introduction. This also enables you to specify a different ArcIMS image service for this layer. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policy arcime, and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This will specify that requests should be sent to the first Application Server machine listed, until it fails to return a response, then requests will be arcima to the next Application Server listed.

Answers to these types of questions will assist in planning an ArcIMS site configuration.

By default the host name of this machine will be provided, change this to the host name of one of your Application Server machines. Arcoms AXL file references the path to the data used.

This machine will be identical to Application Server machine 1. See the technical articles for ArcIMS located at http: