The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis: Using Tarot Talismans for Ritual & Initiation [Jean-Louis de Biasi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aurum Solis: Initiation Ceremonies and Inner Magical Techniques, Osborn Philips. some of the magical techniques and visualizations utilized in those rituals. A complete summary of the tradition of the Aurum Solis including (Order of the Helmet, Fratelli Oscuri, Ogdoadic Tradition, Societas Rotae Fulgentis, Society of.

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This is a way to offer to the public all the main aspect of our heritage.

Becoming a member of the Aurum Solis (Pronaos) – Aurum Solis – Members Website

He educated his daughter to the sciences of mathematics and philosophy. It is full of useful information for anyone who wants to know these Gods, balance their life, and strengthen their spirit.

Hypatia of Alexandria v. Today many things can be found online.

Did You Miss Something? A council of three rituale govern the O:. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. My understanding of Hermetism, and its possibilities, changed.

Germanus nephew of Justinian, a student of Simplicius. I use the book almost as much, for explanations, pronunciations, and the rituals it contains. Some years later conflicting trends arose, largely around the issue of magical rituals designed to enhance consciousness and the actual use of occult powers. Likewise, prayer beads can be used in all spiritual and aruum traditions to help with this process of prayer and repetition, creating strength with each refrain. Why are there only three elements represented in the Hebrew alphabet?

In English Freemasonry the only type of Freemasonry reviewed in this instance a type of ritual has been developed which is designed to initiate the understanding but, by deliberate intention, not to lead into ceremonial magick.

He met and knew a lot of the members and leaders of the Golden dawn group with its mix of Freemasons and Rosicrucians, including Aleister Crowley. Sacred Mysteries, Rituals and Symbols Revealed.


Then, the amazing history of this tradition can continue to be well alive, providing ancient keys very adapted to the modern world. While living in the United States St. Jean-Louis de Biasi shows us the arcana in their fullness: It is a vehicle of the Ogdoadic Tradition, itself an important element of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Aurum Solis (Order of the Sacred Word)

If you are interested in magic and Initiation that is out side of the usual Kabbalistic box then this book is for you. I found the ideas in it to airum the same as things that I had intuitively thought of on my own.

George Gemistos Plethon Chief of the Order around It is soon found more convenient to refer to the Order by its initials, S. May their memory, always and forever, be honored under the auspices of the Immortal Divinities! The descriptions of the Greek Gods helped me get to know Them, how they can help me be a better person, and have enriched my life. The Augum of Sex.

This is how really started what we rituala call the Western Tradition which eventually spread in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

Here are the names of the chiefs of the Academy. Elamite goes to Antiochus at the request of Simplicius. De Biasi’s new attributions of the Arcana founded on his vast knowledge of Astrology and Hermetism offers a clear and coherent alternative to the lumping orthodoxy of Qabbalah.

Plotinus Borned in Lycopolis, he was the true founder of Neoplatonism. Leon Barcynski – 9th Grand Master.

The philosophical institutions did not survive the invasion of the city by Sylla in 87 BCE. Keeping these elements in mind, it is possible to say that the Hermetic and Theurgic Tradition was maintained in Byzantium, Greece, and Italy.

This book helps show why this good and true knowledge has been demonized because it damaged the power and control of the Church. He spent a long time there and obviously received the teachings and training that were available in the Temples of this country.


After this a ritual consecration of the temple space, along with explanations and visualizations is given. Here are 10 rituas for how to do days of Elamite goes to Antiochus at the request of Simplicius Priscian goes to Alexandria at the request of Simplicius Germanus nephew of Justinian, a student of Simplicius.

For many centuries the Western Tradition seems to have become reduced to teaching only one aspect of the tradition: This ritualw has multiple issues. A lineage is paramount.

Morris Greenberg – 2nd Grand Master. What kind of teachings do you provide? Egypt, birth place of the Western Tradition.

Llewellyn Worldwide – The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis: Product Summary

The group that met at the Villa Careggi perpetuated both the initiatic mysteries of the Neoplatonist tradition and the Theurgic initiation. It is startling to realize that this Academy was active from the 5th century BCE until 6th century CE, so for over 10 centuries!

Historically and philosophically, it is the first time I come upon such a rich and precise exposition of the ritkals roots of the Tarot. Everyone is writing and many people create groups, schools, teachings, etc.

This work presents a newly published version of the Tarot trumps with clear practical instruction for using them as a doorway to communicate with the divine intelligences. This article uncritically uses texts from within a religion or faith system without referring to secondary sources that critically analyze them. Platonician – Aristotelician – Stoicist – Epicurian. A long-time mis-attribution rithals Elements in the Tree is set right.

The Freemasons do not claim and do not wish to be magicians. Francis Bacon, Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe and many another notables were among its initiates.