Battle Cry has ratings and reviews. Matthew said: This book is for the Marine Corps what Tales of the South Pacific was for the Navy: a great. Battle Cry is the riveting Marine epic by the bestselling author of such classics as Trinity and ExodusOriginally published in , Leon Uris’s Battle Cry is the. It’s terrific: Perhaps there is less searching for the beast in man than in The Naked and the Dead, less uncovering of basic disillusions than in.

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Speaks the language, too. They meet women, become Marines and want to fight. Alert on more product reviews.


All in all, this is a fair if not excellent portrait of marines going to war. The idea that a Marine Colonel might spend a long time training troops and then not being allowed to take them into combat may seem idiotic but if you trained hard for a long, long time for a job you wanted to get it done, at least that was they way men felt in those days.

Production design is quite credible. By the time the men see front-line action, the audience cares enough about them to hope that they’ll pull through. The film is mainly concerned with the people behind the soldiers and their women and in that respect it is similar to From Here To Eternity with the basic difference that Eternity was primarily about the peace-time army ending as it did with the attack on Pearl Harbor whilst Battle Cry begins with America already well into the War.


Battle Cry Gunfight at the O. As tormented lovers, Ray and Olson drum up a surprising amount of empathy and interest.

Battle Cry (Uris novel) – Wikipedia

I just love it. He takes up with a New Zealand war widow during maneuvers in the pacific before Saipan. Thank god there are strong men armed prepared to bring violence down on the heads of those who would do us harm. The film tries to show that batt,e fighting units are fighting for each other udis do what they are trained to do without any political agenda. You’re the most pretentious, egotistical individual I’ve ever encountered.

So why did you tell us it then, Mac?

Awesome book that follows a few marines in a fictional regiment during WW2. The name’s not important”.

Oct 16, Marc Leroux rated it it was amazing Shelves: The last third where we go into combat with the cast is not as realistic as modern films, but how can it be? Uris’ subsequent works included: I’ve seen the way you treat men, like a big strutting peacock. Enter your email address. Later he went on to write The Angry Hills, a baattle set in war-time Greece.

Click here to know more. But with that said, it does boast a number of fine performances and a sequence or two that stays in the memory.


Battle Cry by Leon Uris

You get that mad sadness and humor crt together, the kind only people who have lived through battle can appeciate. Very patriotic; made a ‘fine’ and ‘noble’ movie about man’s capacity for self-sacrifice.

It’s great weight comes more from the scenes outside of combat than the heroism described during conflict. Recently two real live Navajo Codetalkers where given medals at the White House and there is another movie to come out about the Code Talkers.

User Reviews

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I keep coming back to it, to read some more. Though the script is less vry perfect, it’s a good story. I’m sure enlistments went up following the film’s release.

This is why ‘Battle Cry’ shows more of the daily, drudging experience of actual marines than those war films crammed with combat sequences ever show. Quotes from Battle Cry.

From the title one would think the plot stresses battle scenes. You have been loggedin via facebook. It shows us 3 dimensional characters like “High Uriis who loves his men as much as he loves the Marines.