Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), in the version promulgated on 14 January 1 BDSG in der Praxis: wirksames Instrument oder zahnloser Tiger”, Juris, RDV. Local Court Rockenhausen, judg. of –2 C /16, juris = ZD § § 32, 33 BDSG-new, BT-prints 18/ of , in the version of the. BDSG: Bundesdatenschutzgesetz: Kommentar by Peter Gola et al. Call Number: KKA B37 Commentary on Germany’s.

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Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http: To compare with jurix current status of the German version, see http: For conditions governing use of this translation, please see the information provided under “Translations”.

Part I Common provisions. Chapter 1 Scope and definitions. Section 1 Scope of the Act. Chapter 2 Legal basis for processing personal data. Section 3 Processing of personal data by public bodies.

Section 4 Video surveillance of publicly accessible spaces. Chapter 3 Data protection officers of public bodies. Section 11 Appointment and term of office.

Section 12 Official relationship. Section 13 Rights and obligations. Section 15 Activity reports. Chapter 6 Legal remedies. Section 20 Judicial remedy. Section 21 Application of the supervisory authority for a court decision if it believes that an adequacy decision by the European Commission violates the law. Chapter 1 Legal basis for processing personal data. Sub-chapter 1 Processing of special categories of personal data and processing for other purposes.

Section 22 Processing of special categories of personal data. Section 23 Processing for other purposes by public bodies.

Section 24 Processing for other purposes by private bodies. Section 25 Transfer of data by public bodies. Sub-chapter 2 Special processing situations. Section 26 Data processing for employment-related purposes. Section 27 Data processing for purposes of scientific bfsg historical research and for statistical purposes.


Section 28 Data processing for archiving purposes in the public interest.

Section 29 Rights of the data subject and powers of the supervisory authorities in the case of secrecy obligations. Section 30 Consumer loans. Section 31 Protection of commercial transactions in the case of scoring and credit reports.

Chapter 2 Rights of the data subject. Section 32 Information to be provided where personal data are collected from the data subject. Section 33 Information to be provided where personal data have not been obtained from the data subject.

EPIC — Privacy and Human Rights Report

Section 34 Right of access by the data subject. Section 35 Right to erasure. Section 36 Right to object. Section 37 Automated individual decision-making, including profiling. Chapter 3 Obligations of controllers and processors. Section 38 Data protection officers of private bodies.

Chapter 4 Supervisory authorities for data processing by private bodies. Section 41 Application of provisions concerning criminal proceedings and proceedings to impose administrative fines.

Section 42 Penal provisions. Section 43 Provisions on administrative fines. Section 44 Proceedings against a controller or processor. Chapter 1 Scope, definitions and general principles for processing personal data.

Section 47 General principles for processing personal data. Section 48 Processing of special categories of personal data. Section 49 Processing for other purposes. Section 50 Processing for archiving, scientific and statistical purposes. Section 52 Processing on instructions from the controller. Section 54 Automated individual decision. Chapter 3 Rights of the data subject.

Section 55 General information on data processing.

Section 56 Notification of data subjects. Section 57 Right of access. Section 58 Right to rectification and erasure and to restriction of processing. Jurjs 59 Modalities for exercising the rights of the data subject.


Section 60 Right to lodge a complaint with the Federal Commissioner. Section 61 Legal remedies against decisions of the Federal Commissioner or juuris he or she fails to take action.

Chapter 4 Obligations of controllers and processors. Section 62 Processing carried out on behalf of a controller. Section 63 Joint controllers. Section 64 Requirements for the security of data processing. Section 65 Notifying the Federal Commissioner of a personal data breach.

Section 66 Notifying data subjects affected by a personal data breach. Section 67 Conducting a data protection impact assessment. Section 68 Cooperation with the Federal Commissioner.

Section juri Prior consultation of the Federal Commissioner. Section 70 Records of processing activities. Section 71 Data protection by design and by default. Section 72 Distinction between different categories of data subjects.

BDSG: Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Juris) | BibSonomy

Section 73 Distinction between facts and personal assessments. Section 74 Procedures for data transfers. Section 75 Rectification and erasure of personal data and restriction of processing.

Section 77 Confidential reporting of violations. Chapter 5 Transfers of data to third countries and to international organizations.

Section 78 General requirements. Section 79 Data transfers with appropriate safeguards. Section 80 Data transfers without appropriate safeguards. Section 81 Other data transfers to recipients in third countries. Chapter 6 Cooperation among supervisory authorities. Section 82 Mutual assistance. Chapter 7 Liability and penalties. Section 84 Penal provisions.