Ayya Khema. BEING NOBODY,. GOING NOWHERE. Meditations on the Buddhist Path. Wisdom Publications • Boston. Acquired at In this lucid classic, beloved teacher Ayya Khema introduces the reader to the essence of the Buddhist path. She addresses the how and why of. Being Nobody, Going Nowhere – Praise Ayya Khema has achieved both. “Of special help are the Ayya’s simple, grounded instructions to aid us in our.

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Being Nobody Going Nowhere : Meditations on the Buddhist Path

As a newcomer to Buddhist meditation, I found Ayya’s insight to be incredibly helpful in understanding the Buddha’s core teachings. At a deeper level, the book employs principle of neuroscience in that the lessons are sharp and hit My education of Zen Buddhism continues with this volume. Being Nobody, Going Nowhere is both.

Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Wisdom PublicationsJan 1, – Spiritual life – pages. In this ayy classic, beloved teacher Ayya Khema introduces the listener to the essence of the Buddhist path.

Divided into 10 thematic chapters, In the Buddha’s Words reveals the full scope of the Buddha’s discourses, nobidy family life and marriage to renunciation and the path of insight. I started reading ahya book while undergoing my weekly Basic Buddhism course which included Dharma lessons and basic concentration meditation techniques.

Obviously there must be hindrances to keeping to these “four divine abidings” of loving kindness, compassion, joy with others, and equanimity or else everyone would experience them in their lives already. And that is what one really is, a state of constant change. Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks.


Being Nobody Going Nowhere : Ayya Khema :

Oct 06, Ulf Wolf rated it it was amazing. They include monks who were very close to him throughout his life, including Sariputta and Mahamoggallana; his cousin and companion Ananda; his principal women disciples, including the nun Isidasi and his lay disciple, the courtesan Ambapali; and the nowheee killer Angulimala, whose character was transformed after meeting the Buddha.

A pretty good Meditation book for beginners. Khema tells us that its enemies are anxiety, restlessness and indifference.

The mindfulness state of mind necessary to set the tone and platform to meditate. The first trade book from a Southeast Asian Buddhist monk-teacher who is nowehre prominent worldwide, particularly in the insight meditation community.

Based on the classic Satipatthana Sutta, one of the most succinct yet rich explanations nowhhere meditation, Bhante’s presentation is nonetheless thoroughly modern. And the Buddha offers some help for you in these “four supreme efforts” which he recommends as a “skillful means” of achieving this Right Goinb In fact, such experiences are not a problem if we are able to simply let them arise without judging them or investing them with so much meaning.

Very important to my emotional well-being!! Pure consciousness is neither high nor low, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, neither good nor bad.

Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist Path by Ayya Khema

We live in “constant flux, constant flow” Khema tells us. After the water is poured in, it seeps out. She says wrote this: At a deeper level, the book employs principle of neuroscience in that the lessons are sharp and hit the frontal lobe of the brain.

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It bogged down towards the end and thus 4 stars vs 5 – a five star rating has to be just fantastic all the way through for me. The Magic of Awareness By: And, like my Mum’s love, this book will always live and breathe in me. The author gives and example by citing a story of a fish and turtle who were friends and who lived in the same lake for some time. I am currently in second consecutive read of this book. It has all become immaterial, without significance.

She is a person who walked the walk and her experience and certainty shines through every sentence. Books by Ayya Khema. Please do not learn it from a book — you will find yourself really going nowhere!

I don’t feel I am ready for what it had to say, but I can certainly accept the beauty of much of the message. If it seems to you that this would take a supreme effort, you are right, but it will be supremely beneficial. The second pot has cracks.

This is a straightforward book that gets to the very heart of the meaning of Dharma and why we should practice.