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Page 28 Page 29 – Connecting an s-video source device Page 30 – Connecting a composite video source devi Adjusting Brightness There are many different shades that are considered to be “white” for various purposes.

If you touch the optical components inside, it could cause color unevenness and distortion of the projected images. Continue pressing the same button or press the other buttons until you are satisfied with the shape.

Remote control effective range Infra-Red IR remote control sensors are manial on the front and the back of the projector. BenQ recommends that if you intend to permanently install the projector, you should physically test the projection size and distance using the actual projector in situ before you permanently install it, so as to make allowance for this projector’s optical characteristics. Connecting An S-video Source Device The final connection path should be like that shown in the following diagram: Contact your dealer if other parts need replacing.


BenQ Projectors: BenQ MP DLP projector

If the function is not activated, the projector selects the last used On input signal. If the projector brnq become wet, disconnect it from the power supply’s wall socket and call BenQ to have the projector serviced. Picture Menu Unavailable adjustments are not shown on the screen. You may be required to provide proof of purchase documentation to verify that you are an authorized user of the projector.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. When the function is activated for the first time, you have to set a password for it.

BenQ MP770 Projector

BenQ logo Captures and stores the projected image as My Screen. The projector needs 90 seconds to cool down as it was abnormally shut down without the normal cooling down process.

Password Off Limits use of the projector to only those who know the correct password. BenQ has provided a table of 4: If you are prompted for a password, press the arrow buttons to enter a six digit password. Page 50 Disable page 40 Allows you to select which logo screen will display during projector start- Splash up. To obtain warranty service, immediately notify the dealer from which you purchased the maanual of any defects. Wait until the cooling down process has completed.

BenQ MP – XGA DLP Projector Manual

Page 55 1 minute. Main menu icon Main menu The only thing you need to do on a regular basis is to keep the lens clean and to clean the dust filter to prevent overheating. Personalizing The Projector Menu Display 90 seconds to cool down the projector.


Setting a password Once a password has been set, the projector cannot be used unless the correct password is entered every time the projector is started. If the Auto Source source scan is On, the projector will scan for input signals until it nenq Detection a signal.

BenQ Mainstream MP770 User Manual

If you mp707, you can use another suitable audio cable and connect one end of the cable to the AUDIO OUT socket of the projector, and the other end to your external speakers not supplied. To select a operation mode that suits your need, press MODE repeatedly until your desired mode is selected. The projector will return to normal operation. If the projector is not placed on a flat surface or the screen and the projector are not perpendicular to each other, the projected image becomes trapezoidal.

Operation If necessary Rotate the focus ring to adjust the image clearness. Excessive operation of lamps beyond the rated life could cause them to break on rare occasions.

Switching Input Signal Screw the rear adjuster foot in a reverse direction. In these situations, some image distortion will occur.