The Pale Horseman (Extract). I love the sea. I grew up beside it, though in my memories the seas off Bebbanburg are grey, usually sullen, and rarely sunlit. Outnumbered Saxon forces continue battling Danish invaders in this rousing sequel to the bestselling The Last Kingdom. It’s A.D. , and the. Buy The Pale Horseman (The Last Kingdom Series, Book 2) by Bernard Cornwell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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The Saxon Stories 2. The water about our feet grew red. After several disappointing endings in books lately, this was refreshing. But, she herself cannot tell the difference between which aspects of her healing ritual are truly healing, and which are simply superstition.

The Pale Horseman (Extract)

I am a woman, and I can see how these books may be too brutal and bloody for my fellow sex, or those of either sex who are oblivious to the subtle bluntness of Cornwell’s storytelling and Cornwell’s arrogant, uncomplicated male characters.

Lords of the North. Writing a bernar to an amazing novel can sometimes be amazingly hard. I really liked how the book covered a much shorter timespan than the previous volume, I felt that I got to know Uhtred more as a character.

Lords of the North- A vengeful four stars 4. We followed the two small ships. Do you really think they would burn pagans and heretics alive etc etc. Uhtred of Bebbanburg, Lord of Northumbria is as headstrong, arrogant, and fearless as ever.

The Pale Horseman – Wikipedia

The man sank to his knees and Eadric ground the spear deeper so that blood spilled down to the water. But, please forgive me fellow reviewers, perhaps I am just a cynic. She was a tall girl, strong, with a tangled mass of fair hair and bright blue eyes.


The story never really slows down- it’s pace is consistent with a building sensation towards the end. I took eight arm rings off dead men. The main problem for me is that Uhtred is a bit of a cartoon character. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. The Britons of Dyfed had come for us, but too late. Go the other way! Many extraordinary, well developed characters grace the pages of this bernardd and readers will be held spellbound to the conclusion.

It is the Viking joy, driving a dragon-headed hull through a wind-driven sea toward a future full of feasts and laughter. It was the only way to take a ship, to empty her of fighting men, but she was now emptying herself as the survivors jumped onto the rocks and clambered away through the sucking backwash of blood-touched water.

This series has quickly become one of my favorites, as has the author. It all sort of blurred together a bit. It is probably very true to history. The Danes taught me that and I love them for it, pagan swine horseamn they may be. Unable to get a green card, he started writing novels, as this did not require a work permit.

He coenwell claimed the victory at The Pale Horseman is every bit as good as the first book.

Cornwell was sent away to Monkton Combe School, attended the University of London, and after graduating, worked as a teacher. Hkrseman also requested that the story feature a large role for Spanish characters to secure co-funding from Spain. Safe Haven Caitlin Andrews. No moon, no stars. He brings a subtle, understated tone to his voice. Our men were climbing back on board Fyrdraca now. His glory has been stolen by the coward Odda the Younger.


Wildtrack published inSea Lord aka Killer’s Wake inCrackdown inStormchild inand Scoundrela political thriller, in By the time we had waded out to Fyrdraca, raised her oale and rowed her from the lee of the island both boats were almost out of sight, but once our sail was hoisted we began to overhaul them. Hard to argue with a winning recipe, other than the argument that the palette desires something new sooner or later, and that the chef needs to stretch himself occasionally to reinvigorate his passion.

Death of Kings A mighty five stars She pointed to herself, tossed the twig scraps away and laughed. That last 50 pages or so were awesome So far, however, I’ve only seen greed, selfishness, a willingness to lie and to betray those who put their trust in him, and a truculent dislike of anyone in authority especially priests.

The story and the action is both just as good as the first book and I look forward to the third book in the series. They thought they saw a Danish ship, one of their own, yet we hirseman armed and we were coming for them. Cenwulf went past me, his snarling face covered in blood, sword swinging. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While this series has some strong analogies to The Game of Thrones, this book is actually more violent.

I think what does it for me is Cornwell’s writing. The dynamic between him and Alfred was great.

Iseult sang to herself.