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Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS Maritime Works – Part 5: Code Of Practice For Dredging And Land Reclamation. BRITISH STANDARD BS Maritime structures — Part 5: Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation BS Committees.

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When the purpose of dredging is channel Depending upon the characteristics of the echo maintenance, there may be benefits in permitting sounder, the recorded depth may be significantly overdredging if, as a result, the interval between less than the actual depth that is available for successive dredging campaigns can be extended.

The geology of the coastal margins is almost invariably complex. Rock that can be dredged without pretreatment may Only certain types of dredger are capable of direct best be dredged by large cutter suction dredgers pump discharge, the principal types being the see 4.

If it is desired to specify particularly small tolerances, it should be recognized that certain types of plant may not be suitable for the work. In maintenance dredging the strength of the soil to Recent work has indicated that the viscosity of fluid be dredged is inevitably low and it is unnecessary muds is also an important property that may affect for dredging plant employed to have a powerful navigation.

BS 6349-5:2016

They are therefore very convenient for hydrographic surveys, particularly where portability is important. An advantage of the method is that it may provide a guide to whether the ground materials can be dredged directly or may require hs [10].

It is therefore important that these matters receive proper attention from the moment of conception of any work that involves dredging or land reclamation. The main disadvantage of the method is the Higher frequencies are attenuated with depth so difficulty in placing the acoustic energy source and that penetration is achieved b with lower the hydrophone array on the sea bed in a known frequencies.

The basic procedure leading Department of Transport, Marine Directorate, who to the issue or refusal of a prospecting licence is administer Section 34 of the Coast Protection shown 649-5 Figure 8.

BS Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation_图文_百度文库

There 63499-5 an established procedure of initial consultation with fishery interests [28]. The faster, easier way to work with standards. These matters are range of different materials. Bottom finish is very operator dependent due to the difficulty of achieving a complete and overlapping The disadvantages of the bucket chain dredger coverage of the bottom, particularly in deep water or include a wide spread of anchors, which may disrupt where the strength of current is significant.


If the spoil to be discharged is very cohesive or contains large solids, the restrictions presented by the bottom door or valve-surrounding structure may seriously prolong 6349–5 time to discharge.

Gravel can be pumped over significant distances but only with higher than usual flow velocities. It is therefore recommended commencement and completion of each period of that the overall length and the position of the survey and, when appropriate, at intervals between. Design of quay walls, jetties and dolphins; — Part Just a few stops can therefore be taken to clay-sized material can confer cohesive properties to a indicate a considerable content of cobbles and boulders.

The applicant has to state his proposed method of dredging, the annual quantity he proposes to remove from the sea bed, the manner in which he proposes to remove it and its end use.

bz Due to current Current velocity 1. Particular problems may arise in the near-shore zone where littoral drift is intercepted by navigation channels or harbour works. Hard-packed gravels may exist intermixed with sand Identification Particle nature and plasticity Strength and structural characteristics Sands see Coarse 2 to 0.

In such instances, a check for possible levels. Site investigations, particularly ground investigation, are also covered at length.

BS Maritime works. Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation

Some of the tests for these properties are described in BS and BS If pretreatment is necessary, fractured rock may impede drilling by causing the drill to jam.

The sub sea bed is presented graphically by the recorder as a deep echo sounding or geophysical time section with some seismic reflectors identifiable as geological strata.

However, it has an important effect on the feasibility of maintaining dredged channels and other dredged areas. Journal for Rock be matched with uniaxial Mech. These special conditions are the UK can be obtained from the Hydrographer of covered in 6. NOTE 6 Tests should be performed on samples in natural condition by preference using undisturbed samples.

Subsequent analysis can provide information unless the distance to the shore control marks is concerning the elevation of a particular density relatively short. A sparker can give greater power than a boomer bss Acoustic energy is released by a piezoelectric or achieve greater penetration; although at the electromechanical transducer, sparker, airgun, etc.

In contrast, where difficult materials such as rock have to be removed by dredging there is no alternative to obtaining samples by drilling from a floating or fixed structure. This may be impractical also be used from a fixed position to produce a depth or uneconomic. Vibrocoring, When bucket-type dredgers are employed, which which is less expensive, may give little indication, normally achieve spoil disposal through the loading particularly in sands or gravels, of the in situ of hopper barges, the minimum width of cut in strength or degree of consolidation of the material.


NOTE 2 To be tested as rock. The total containment area capacity should be significantly greater than the final volume of dredged material that is to be accommodated. If the objective of the survey is simply to provide broad detail for the guidance of navigation of dredging and construction plant, survey lines at centres of m or more may be adequate.

The level of accuracy and the shore control requirements will then be consistent throughout. Structures may be homogeneous or stratified. The signal from echo sounders of this type may reflect from sea bed materials of quite low density.

If a more 3649-5 assessment is required, it is recommended that an engineering geophysicist is consulted. For small, regular survey areas, checks made at two points are normally sufficient to demonstrate whether or not the system is properly calibrated and free from interference.

The accuracy that can be achieved in determining sea bed levels is inferior to that normally attainable in land survey. Calculations to without containment bunds, the free escape of determine the rate and extent of foundation draining water normally removes most of the fine settlement subsequent to the placing of fill should particles. The lead line may be used to advantage in the following situations: Employment of a track plotter allows the 63499-5 to be carried out at predetermined lines, which can be properly aligned, such as in the taking of cross sections.

In addition to sediment that is transported in suspension, there may be significant movements at or near the sea bed. The reasonably quick and uncomplicated. The following factors influence the accuracy of the dredged formation that can be achieved: This includes sites that thickness, it may deviate out of vertical and contain particle sizes too large to be recovered intact therefore give an overestimate of the thickness of by normal sampling methods.

The system should be calibrated over known ranges similar to the minimum and maximum site requirements and should be checked at the commencement, and on completion, of each period of survey.