All you need to decode the markings on many types of capacitors. CBB22 is the manufacturers name for the capacitor series, it is a uF capacitance with. products offers cbb22 v capacitor products. About 99% of these are capacitors. A wide variety of cbb22 v capacitor options are. products offers cbb22 j v capacitor products. About % of these are capacitors. A wide variety of cbb22 j v capacitor.

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond once again, there is not any dot.

cbb22 400v capacitor

Capacitance and voltage rating is really only a very few specifications for a capacitor, to insure reliable operation there is many other factors, some of which are f. December 26, at In more expensive cwpacitor, a film capacitor is often paired with the inductor to correct the power factor.

And both was choosen by the staff of the circuit parts store. Film capacitors generally are very reliable components with very low failure rates, with predicted life expectancies of decades under normal conditions.

You replaced a 1 nF capacitor with a 4. Hey Saifi Cappacitor you please upload a picture of it or find a similar online? According to the IEC standard If it was just some kind of decoupling in a power supply rail, it will work just fine. There are no lead times for in-stock products. Can you help me eith it?


I would say it is a 0,uF capacitor as it written on it, it capactior easier to tell from a picture of the capacitor in question. Second line is the value in uF, so here you have 33 uF, uF and 68 uF.

Thank you Mads for your reply. I am not completely sure what you are asking about, voltage rating? Learn how your comment data is processed. May 24, at The board belongs to a Bose IV series equalizer.

Film capacitor

I really really appreciate it. Hi Michael You are absolutely right, I did of cause mean to write 16 V.

Pictures show the info. Will I have any problems using these in the circuit even though the voltage rating is much higher than the circuit calls for?

MK and below MFF. Hi Tunde That is a 0. High quality hot sale polypropylene metallized cbb22 j v capacitor. Film Capacitor k Film Capacitor k.

Te envio una imagen. Capacitor Polypropylene Metallized Capacitor.

April 27, at They are usually operated in discharge applications with non-reversing voltages, and at low repetition frequencies, cbb2 as in laser technology and lighting generators. On the other hand, the capacitance decreases linearly with increased film thickness. Low-cost metallized plastic film capacitors for general purpose applications are produced in this manner.


Retrieved from ” https: It is sometimes easy to get discouraged dbb22 trying to learn something new but this website has explained a great deal to me in any easy to understand way and for that I thank you capaciror Because capacitors pass AC signals but block DC, film capacitors with their high insulation resistance and low self-inductance are well-suited as signal coupling capacitors for higher frequencies. In general, film capacitors are not polarized, so the two terminals are interchangeable.

Capacitor code table | Kaizer Power Electronics

A charged capacitor discharges over time through its own internal insulation resistance R isol. For larger film capacitors with very high standards for stability and long lifetime, such as snubber capacitors, the metallization can be made with cb22 special fault isolation pattern.

During the early development of film capacitors, some large manufacturers have tried to standardize the names of different film materials.