CNW Marketing Research Inc. spent two years collecting data on the energy That’s the conclusion of long-term study of “dust to dust” energy costs for cars and . Some organization called CNW Marketing Research Inc. has published an ” analysis” of the total energy consumption of various kinds of cars. 8 This is in part because 6 Dust to Dust Rep CNW Marketing Research Inc Web 19 from ENVS at University of Oregon.

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One of them being that it was assumed that the entire nickel production out of Inco’s plant in Sudbury near my cottage!

FredGarvinJul 31, I’m averaging 25, miles a year, and I doubt my car is headed to the crusher just three years from now. Sust there’s what percentage of vehicles on the world’s roads are that model, which determines how much of the infrastructure costs are its responsibility.

Automobile energy cost – Dust to Dust report | Physics Forums

While a Prius is one-third the rust of a Hummer and gets between four and six times better fuel economy, CNWMR argued the Hummer vehicles are built using less costly technology and are driven more over their lifetime. Archived from the original on Privately held companies based in Oregon Companies established in Companies disestablished in Marketing research companies of the United States establishments in Oregon. Consuming more power up front – power that can be generated with wind, nuclear, hydroelectric, or cogeneration at the factory – makes a lot of sense if it means burning less of the expensive and polluting fuel later.


But the people waving the CNW Report banner don’t seem to be willing to follow the report to this conclusion. Knowledgeable people refuted elements of this study, but that didn’t stop pundits such as George Will from happily quoting the study. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Archived from the original XLS on The byproducts of djst smelting and the production of nickel foam.

Box as an address, and its “call centers, data center, and field offices are off limits” to clients and other visitors. Gross polluters should be penalized through environmental regulation, and the fines they pay should go to the cleanup efforts that their activities require.

Often misattributed as the president in articles from through[8] [9] [10] he was described as an auto leasing newsletter editor and director of automotive research at the company prior to I could be wrong about these figures of course.

The only real difference is the size of the battery. The eviromental friendliness of a Prius is a joke. In they said that both cars had an estimated lifetime ofCulture ‘Dust to dust’ is dust: The average cell phone uses these or Lithium Ion batteries, and they don’t typically last more than years.

Will a set of Prius batteries last formiles? I’d be really skeptical that the batteries last that long 8 years is a LONG time for those batteries to last.

CNW Marketing Research

Prius uses less energy than Hummer A new paper refutes a study that claims the Toyota Prius uses more energy than a Hummer. CNET’s best of In the last couple of years, the claim that the Toyota Prius has more environmental impact than a Hummer garnered attention on forums and blogs around the Internet. Gleick’s paper pokes holes in the original study, pointing out its poor assumptions such as the usable life of a Hummer H1 35 years versus the life of a Prius 11 years.


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Andrew MasonJul 30, DangerAug 1, Aug 21, There are cab drivers with overmiles on their Priuses. There’s no damned way in the world that I’m going to read pages of anything on line. As far as this study goes a kilowatt-hour of electricity is equivalent to the energy in a similar volume of gasoline – they don’t care how the electricity is generated or gasoline is burned.

SRodeJul 29, Bandon, OregonUnited States. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

CNW Research “dust to dust” study – Søren Ragsdale

The Prius runs its engine at a more constant go than a conventional car, so the service interval is longer and the engine is expected to last longer. Andrew Mason Science Advisor. Do you already have an account? It operated separate research offices covering the automotive, computer, electronics, housing, and personal investment industries, as well as a research office covering political issues.