CS Computer Networks and Management CLICK BELOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD CS COMPUTER NETWORKS AND MANAGEMENT. CS COMPUTER NETWORKS AND MANAGEMENT SYLLABUS | ANNA UNIVERSITY MTECH IT 1ST SEM SYLLABUS REGULATION. Minimum cell rate. ❑ Min commitment requested of network. ❑ Can be zero. ❑ Used with ABR and GFR. ❑ ABR & GFR provide rapid access to spare network.

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Posted by Arivazhagan at Sunday, 30 December cnm. Computer Science and Engineering.

Kabil Dev: Computer Network Management Syllabus

Software Engineering and M. State the switching technique used in ATM networks. Compare the data rate and speed of Fast Ethernet with Gigabit Ethernet.

What is Packet Switching? What are the components of Integrated Services? State the advantages of Random early detection.



State the need for Data Transfer Protocol. Discuss how the above model can be used in newtorks management. Answer ALL the Questions. List out all software models.

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In what way software standards differ from other product standards. How to measure software? How to monitor project? Explain the model with neat diagram and justify why you have chosen this model?

Explain with neat diagram. Bring out the importance of Configuration management.

Explain design phase with its decomposition for ATM system. How many memory banks are available in Pentium microprocessor? What is Interrupt processing?

Mention spatial interrupts available in Pentium. How are relocation registers used in memory management unit? When conversion complete flag set in 68 HC 11 microcontroller? What is watchdog timer in PIC microcontroller?