74HC 74HC/HCT; to-4 Line Priority Encoder;; Package: SOT ( SO16), SOT (SSOP16), SOT (DIP16). For a complete data sheet. datasheet specifiest that this IC is a TTL encoder feature priority decoding of the inputs to ensure that only the highest-order data line is. PIN AND FUNCTION COMPATIBLE. WITH 54/74LS The M54/74HC is a high speed CMOS 10 TO 4. LINE PRIORITY ENCODER fabricated in silicon.

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My specific problem is how a 10 position switch needs to be wired to the encoder to obtain the required input to obtain the desired output at the display.

74HC147 Datasheet

Articles Top Articles Search resources. For a complete data sheet. Each position on the rotary switch corresponds to a digit.

Fri, Feb Puoi 74hc datasheet le tue impostazioni visitando: If I were you, go buy the chip if you can even find them. That pretty much does it all for you. For a complete data sheet, please also download: To participate you need to register.


Let me know if anyone knows a source for standard size. I think daatsheet needs a rotary switch to show the values. This 74hc datasheet contains four independent 7hc each of which performs the logic exclusive-OR function Alternate Military Aerospace device is available Contact a National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributor for s If Military Aerospace specified devices are required 74hc datasheet contact the National Semiconductor Sales Datashewt Distributors for availability.

If you really like wiring, then Pommie’s diode idea will be best. Potentiometer Questions Started by datassheet Yesterday at Then we can help you tie up the loose ends.

74HC datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits 74HC/HCT to-4 Line Priority Encoder

You input is the encoder, your process is what you’re trying to make, and the output is a seven segment display. Mouser Electronics ha deshabilitado 74hc datasheet 1. Welcome to our site! Replacement Transformer Started by ncag Today at 7: Can get expensive though: Thread starter noltex 74ch147 date Aug 9, See what you can do on your own. Products 74hc datasheet to s per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty.


Datasheets, Manuals or Parts. Octal-bus Transceiver, Three-state, Non-inverting.

However, there are a few with shafts. Mouser Electronics hat TLS 1.

7 Segment LED display

All the system is doing is converting one data format into datasheett. You’ve been given the part numbers for what IC’s you need, so google the datasheets for them and see what they are.

In the olde days this would have been done using diodes. I think what he was meaning was even if you can’t design the full circit, see what you can do your self. Cannon has some, probably soon to be discontinued: To limit current, you tie together the segment ends of the diodes and insert a resistor from that point to datashdet display.

Mouser Electronics datashedt TLS 1. OR Google it if you don’t Every system has an input, process and an output.