DECRETO 4728 DE 2010 PDF

decreto ley de pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto ley de pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top. 21 Decreto / Reglamentación de la Ley de Migraciones No y sus modificatorias Internal Control Presentation March Cargado por NOA DECRETO de pdf. Cargado NOA DECRETO de pdf. Cargado.

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An Act relating to fisheries, including the conservation, management and development of maritime and estuarine fishing and fisheries, deccreto Malaysian fisheries waters, to turtles and riverine fishing in Malaysia and to matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Philippine Fisheries Code of R. The Law applies to fishing in salt and fresh water. Each fisherman shall have at least 12 hours of rest during every 24 hours.

The objectives of the Organization are to be achieved through the harmonized action of the Organs established by articles Articles concern, among other matters, national consultations, research access, funding, signature, ratification, accession, entry into force, amendment, interpretation and settlement of disputes. Contains 4 chapters and 6 articles concerning, inter alia: Article 7 regulates the procedure of registration into the Registry.

No fishing license shall be granted to a vessel which is not registered with the Ministry of Fisheries art. Industrial fishing vessels are allowed to fish with standard nets beyond a six miles zone from the coastline reg.

National transposition measures communicated by the Member States concerning: Fisheries cooperatives constitution dealt with in Chapter III. In particular, article 15 deals with Marine Safety Management in which the Edcreto is obliged to draft and implement policies on the marine safety management, such as developing the marine safety technologies, improving the marine transportation environment, securing the safety of decreeto ships, and establishing systems, etc.


Payment of unemployment benefits.

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Financial system is given in Chap. Marine turtles are declared to be protected species under article Contains a minor amendment to s. Vessels that are not motorized or motorized but not exceeding four meters of overall length and vessels used exclusively for recreation fishing shall not be required to operate under a license art. Under Article 3 of the Law, central role in fisheries management and aquaculture activities is assigned to the Iranian Fisheries Company.

Fishing Decrreto Act Act 17 of The Act sets out general licence requirements and specific conditions for local fishing vessels and foreign fishing vessels. Authority may determine total level of fishing and allocations of fishing rights.

Decreto de (23 de diciembre) by on Prezi

This Act enables authorities to arrange for fishing licences, registration of fishing vessels and fishing inspections. Part II provides for the issuance of fishing licences. Malasia – Pescadores – Ley.

AN ACT of Parliament to provide for the consolidation of the laws on the regulation and promotion of agriculture generally, to provide for the establishment of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority, to make provision for the respective roles of the national and county recreto in agriculture excluding livestock and related matters in furtherance of the relevant provisions of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution and for connected purposes.

All fishing vessels and gear shall be registered with the Bureau of Fisheries. Sets out the powers, composition etc.


No fishing in marine or freshwater shall be done without a licence issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenues upon presentation of a certificate of the Bureau of Fisheries of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce and the payment of the fees specified in section Protection of fish aggregating devices, artificial Reefs mooring buoys, floats, trays etc. Czech Republic Czech Republic. Article 6 makes provision with respect to fees.

Exclusive control and Management of marine resources. All scaling and gutting procedures must be operated in clean areas and all non edible wastes kept separated from the edible ones and the latter refrigerated or frozen right after.

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Provides for the promotion and management of fisheries. Conditions that does entitle to unemployment benefits to fishermen and hunters without vessels.

The authority of this regulation arises out of Act. Part II deals with foreign fishing. Article 5 concerns fees.

Certain methods of fishing are prohibited in specified areas regs. Membership conditions and reasons for withdrawal are provided for in section 2. Article 6 regulates the Registry Decdeto. Part 10 deals with seized property and forfeiture where a conviction resulted from a committal of an offence or offences under this Act.

Part II of the Act provides for the introduction of a scheme of social insurance for persons engaged in share fishing. Contains provisions on the programme for fishing development, fishing vessels, national fishing quotas, fishermen organisations, fish commerce and inspection controls.