Skill Building Activity by pick up artist Derek Vitalio PUA of Seduction Science. Of course, Deep Inner Game is not a substitute for the other things I’ve talked. Derek Vitalio pua teaches seducing women through rituals of libertinage. In the meantime, you’ll absolutely want to get hold of my Deep Inner Game Program. Do you recommend any audio PUA material to really improve my game? Top Inner Game: Derek Vitalio – Deep Inner Game; Cory Skyy – Magnetic Mindset;.

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Your playfulness, the little ruses you employ to please and delight her, your indulgence in her faults, will make the woman follow you to the ends of Earth. Pickup artists already become stars, like Hollywood actors. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your innfr before proceeding. Because he teaches guys NOT to have a higher value when approaching. Share Your Opinion Hame your name Use an alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous.

For instance, The Blissnosis Master Program was developed, because of his struggles in relationships with woman. He also provides guys who visit his site access to some free tools and advice, which they can use right away.

Latest Articles Delivered To You: The Underground Dating Seminar. Jesse Charger Derek Vitalio.

Derek Vitalio?

Take the Skill Building Activity of dance lessons for instance. I can’t tell you how many opportunities Xeep blown with women in the past The pleasure of the woman who surrenders is often greater than that of the practitioner.


Seduction Science Dating Coach: Through Libertinage she is plunged into pleasure and play, she can act differently, she can become someone else.

Vitalio has delivered concepts, and easy to implement strategies to depe men navigate this treacherous terrine in order to get in there, seduce the woman, get her number, and hook up. After all, you went to all the trouble to get her into bed… why not transform every woman you sleep with into your fantasy?

Newer Post Older Post Home. For instance, have you ever noticed that women usually travel in packs? How many times have you spotted a woman you wanted to approach, but vitalioo was flanked by her friends, and you just walked always because of lack of confidence. Be the first to write a review.

In other words, the combination of the two is much more powerful than either one used solo. Write your own review.

I haven’t listened to the mastery series yet, but I’ll get around to it. In this instance, he has developed a concept called ” Building Social Value “, so that you can confidently innsr the group and get THE one lady you’re attracted to be attracted to you.

Weight viitalio at the gym is another good example of a Skill Building Activity. I think he’s the guy behind the Seduction Science system. However, some men have turned their lives around and become the men they want to be in the dating scene, by working on both their inner and outer games.


Derek Vitalio? | SoSuave Discussion Forum

His signature book ” Seduction Science ” which is now in it’s 3rd edition. Forums New posts Search forums. Product Information Deep Inner Game is a program designed to help you eliminate toxic limiting beliefs preventing you from transforming yourself into the kind of dominant man that beautiful women want.

We know this can be easier said than done, but Vitalio gives his students a step-by-step approach, which users gmae have shown them how to do this-effectively.

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I found this one pretty useful: Style Don Juan May 23, Some of the more successful ones gain attention from other men who want to learn how they got to be so successful with women, and this is very much the case with Derek Vitalio.

Finally should you sign up, there is a VIP lounge, which gives men a place to get support, share their success and get new techniques. For instance, on a regular basis the guys I see guys in LTR that have kept power for themselves do exactly what he outlines in, for instance, “Be your womans hero not wuss part 1 and 2” David goes to deep into theory for my taste.

However David’s material has some good “on being a man and getting what you want” advice but it’s peppered in.