Another important development in the situation is the formation of the “Workers Front against the desafuero (impeachment) of AMLO”, to which. In Mexico, a desafuero is the removal of a public official’s privileged immunity Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), along with a request that the Mayor be. ¿Qué tan bueno o malo fue AMLO como jefe de Gobierno? .. formada por diputados del PRI y del PAN votó a favor del desafuero del Peje.

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He began his political career in as a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party PRI in Tabasco and eventually became the party’s state leader.

He was the national leader of the PRD between and Inhe was elected Head of Government of Mexico City. This time, he won in a landslide victorytaking 53 percent of the vote. His policy proposals include increases in financial aid for students and the elderly, amnesty for some drug war criminals[12] universal access to public colleges, [13] cancellation of the Mexico City New International Airport project, [14] a referendum on energy reforms that ended Pemex ‘s monopoly in the oil industry, [15] stimulus of the country’s agricultural sector, delay of the renegotiation of NAFTA until after the elections, [12] [16] the construction of more oil refineries, increased social spending, slashing politicians’ salaries and perks [17] and the decentralization of the executive cabinet by moving government departments and agencies from the capital to the states.

He attended elementary school at the Marcos E. Becerra school, named after the poet of the same namethe only one in town, and in the afternoons he helped his parents at the La Posadita store. He studied political science and public administration at the UNAM from to He returned to school to complete his education after having held several positions within the government of Tabasco and the administration of the Institutional Revolutionary Party PRI.

There was empathy between the two because the young man raised his concern for the Chontal Maya. After their meeting, the poet invited him to his campaign to obtain a seat in the Senate during the elections. A baseball fan, he has stated his favorite team is the St. A year later, he headed the Indigenous People’s Institute of Tabasco. Inhe relocated to Mexico City to work at the National Consumers’ Institute, a federal government agency.

Inhe ran for the governorship of Tabasco, but lost to PRI candidate Roberto Madrazo in a highly controversial election [ according to whom? On 2 Julyhe was elected Head of Government of the Federal District —a position akin to that of city mayor for the national capital district —with He directed the restoration and modernization of Mexico City’s historic downtownwhich has 16th- and 17th-century buildings and a large number of tourist attractions.

New high-density condos emerged in the upscale neighborhoods of Polanco and Lomas. Elected government officials in Mexico have an official immunity called fuero that prevents criminal charges from being brought against them, which can be removed through a process called desafuero.

Under federal law, any person with criminal charges during the electoral process would not be eligible to contest in a presidential election. President Vicente Foxwanting to avoid a political cataclysm, and knowing that the decision made by Congress was against the will of millions of people, [57] appeared on national TV in Aprilindicating that the issue would not be pursued any further.

Until March he was considered the presidential front runner by the majority of polls; however, polls in late April showed a decline in his numbers. Roosevelt as inspiration for his 50 commitments.

Desafuero of Andrés Manuel López Obrador

The PRD said that both parties entered into an information sharing agreement regarding the issue. On 6 Julythe Federal Electoral Institute IFE announced the final vote count in the presidential electionresulting in a narrow margin of 0.

The Court did find that President Fox, and aamlo CCE, a business interest group, had interfered in the elections in the form of campaigning for a given candidate, which is against campaign laws. However, the TEPJF determined that it was not possible to accurately evaluate the influence this interference had on the election results, but estimated the impact of Fox’s interference as insignificant to the results of the election. The Tribunal stated that, similarly, it could not gauge the impact of CCE’s interference.


Consequently, the Court ruled desauero both interferences could not be considered as a sufficient judicial cause to annul the election. In reference to the allegations of fraud, the Court similarly found that there was insufficient evidence to annul the election. In response to this result, in a move reminiscent of Francisco I.

He did not desafueto any polls at the time, [78] later he referenced Dedafuero [79] and IMO. While the case was discussed in the Electoral Tribunal, the IFE has called for the candidates to refrain from proclaiming themselves as winner, president-elect, or president almo the final resolution was taken. Both candidates disobeyed this call. In an interview by U. On 31 July, in an act of civil disobedience, he organized the blocking of 12 kilometers of one of the most important roads in the capital, Paseo de la Reformawhich houses several important hotels, corporate fesafuero offices and the Mexico City Stock Market.

The seven magistrates voted unanimously to order the recount of 11, ballot boxes in districts 9. Therefore, by law, the TEPJF found it could order a recount of only those 71, polling stations in controversy.

For about two hours on 9 August, protesters took over the tollbooths on four federal highways. The protesters prevented personnel from charging tolls in some of these roads and allowed vehicles to pass freely.

The “democratic convention” started after the military parade. We aren’t going to be provoked. He also advocated the abolition or reform of several institutions, alleging they are spoiled and corrupt, and asked for changes to the constitution to ensure the institutions work “for the people”, and provide welfare and assistance to the elderly and other vulnerable groups. It was expected that this ” alternative cabinet ” would be used as a pressure mechanism to the initiatives of the government.

Reactions to the “legitimate presidency” varied widely. Sixty-three percent of those polled also said that the former candidate had lost credibility. These included price ceilings for tortillas[] in the form of a ” Tortilla Price Stabilization Pact “, that protect local producers of corna Presidential Decree limiting the President’s salary and that of cabinet ministers, and a proposal for a constitutional amendment that, if passed, would significantly lower salaries for all public servants and impose caps on their remuneration.

Inthe PRD held elections to renew its leadership. Allegations of fraud by both factions halted recounts and raised doubts about the legitimacy of the election.

Congress was also taken by legislators of the Broad Progressive Front FAPthe PRD, Labor and Convergence parties, on 10 April because of their disagreement with the Government regarding energy policy discussions, claiming they violated the Constitution.

In Novemberhe announced some of his economic proposals: He said that he was committed to increase the salaries and benefits given to law enforcement officials throughout Mexico. His security strategy was composed of ten proposals, but all of them had a major theme: He also stated that if elected, he would firmly reject any intelligence activity from the United Statesincluding money and weapons in aid.

This policy would put a stop to the operations in Mexico of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Drug Enforcement Administrationincluding the use of unmanned drones.

Desafuero of Andrés Manuel López Obrador – Wikipedia

This proposal was intended to appeal to popular resentment over U. Desafiero agents allegedly engaged in ” gunwalking “. Subsequently, deaafuero claimed vote buying and other irregularities, and demanded a full recount by the Federal Electoral Institute IFE.

The IFE found some irregularities, but confirmed the results on 6 July. He alleged vote-buying, spending in excess drsafuero election deszfuero, illegal fund raising, and vote fraud. On the day of the presidential elections, people who voted for the PRI would receive pre-paid gift cards. I can not be in a party where tax increases were approved and it was approved that they will increase the price of gasoline every month. Gasoline in Mexico costs more than in the United States, dfsafuero salary in Mexico is the lowest in the entire North American continent, and instead of asking for wage increases, the PRD rose to the podium to ask for the increase in the price of gasoline, it’s an embarrassment.


At first, there was speculation about the possibility of a front grouping all the left-wing parties: In Decemberhe presented his proposed cabinet: He proposes the cancellation of the under-construction New Mexico City International Airport[14] the conversion of the president’s official residence and office complex, Los Pinosinto a cultural center, [] [] universal healthcare, [] free internet, [] pledging to sell the presidential aircraft, [] and has offered to hold referendums on various issues, [] among them include a performance evaluation halfway through his term during the legislative electionsinstead of his former proposal of every two years [] that would cut his six-year term short if he loses the consultation.

Desafuerp chief pledge is to eradicate corruption, though he is vague on how he will achieve that beyond a combination of zero tolerance and personal honesty to sweep it out “from top to bottom like cleaning the stairs”.

He has called for a referendum over the energy reform es that ended Eesafuero ‘s monopoly in the oil industry.

As the Mexican Drug War dragged on into its 12th year, he reiterated his presidential run strategy of ” Abrazos, no balazos ” Hugs, not bulletsarguing that jobs and better wages, especially for younger people and the rural populace, are necessary to combat crime, [] [] not the use of more military force.

Described as an adherent to economic nationalism [] and protectionist based on his economic proposals, he wants the nation to be “self-sufficient” regarding what the people consume through establishing set prices for farming equipment and supplies.

Arguing he would be fiscally conservative [] he intends on raising social spending, [] without tax hikes nor accumulation of public debt, [] [] [] [] [] via proposed austerity measures on politician and bureaucrat salaries and privileges, including the president’s salary and post-presidential pension. The principles of non-intervention, self-determination and the peaceful settlement of disputes will be applied again.

Inhe called on the current administration to “[present] a lawsuit at the United Nations against the U. He accused the establishment parties of the corruption that keeps migrants from receiving the support they need. Following his proposed idea of decentralizing the nation’s cabinet away from Mexico City, he would move the National Institute of Migration to TijuanaBaja California.

He suggested that the NAFTA negotiations be used to put together a development plan for Central America as a means to address emigration in the region, [] including a proposed “alliance for progress” including Mexico, the United States, Canada and Central America to foster job creation, grow the economy and pacify the region. Prior to taking office, from 22 October to 25 October, he held a referendum on whether or not the New International Airport for Mexico City was to be scrapped, citing that the project was rife with graft and a waste of taxpayer money.

He is often known for accusing the business and political elite of belonging to la mafia del poder the power mafia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Desafuro other uses, see AMLO disambiguation. This name uses Spanish naming customs: Mexican general election controversies. Mexican general election, and Opinion polling for anlo Mexican general election, This section needs expansion.

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