Content Server API Reference. Manual. Version SP1. September . Appendix A. API Method Quick Reference . . Preface. This manual is the reference manual for the EMC Documentum object Procedure objects store Docbasic procedures that extend the behavior of the . One other bit of trivia: DocBasic is just BasicScript with some DQL tacked on. The DocBasic Reference manual isn’t the complete BasicScript manual. (I just so.

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Docbasic | HariKishan Masapu’s – Instigate ECM

It is true that there is no unhackable software and nobody can guarantee you that even with the most stringent security measures your WordPress site will never be hacked but it does make a difference whether you install a security fortress or an easy target for a beginner hacker.

As specified in command attribute of DocApp method. Workflows may be parallel or serial.

WordPress is free because it has been developed by a worldwide community of developers, who do it as docbasix hobby and because they love the open source spirit. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This can be used for debugging purposes. Plan the workflow using the following points 1. True Use Method Server: Docasic continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By one more manual performers is chosen To select the performer, click on the select performer tab.

Once the business process is known, before creating the mannual, answer these questions for a better workflow design. To set up a java method as a workflow method, click here Auto activity is executed using some permission. Auto activity referenec executed using some permission. Nicholas McQuire Contributors of the Year: Manual activities include a task where in the manager approves or rejects the loan. Who is going to perform the manual activities? This is the workflow template for the above given scenario.


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Docbasic Reference Manual 4.0

Information about the task readily available at any point cocbasic time. The work item must be in the acquired state. Lisa Loftis Contributors of the Year: Every workflow has a number of logical steps.

This workflow depicts a scenario of bank, wherein the concerned department receives application for loans, the loan papers are sent for review to the manager who then decides whether to grant the loan.

To get a method in this dropdown, create a method in DocApp, select option use as workflow method. When a new loan application is received and it needs an approval from the manager, the clerk applies a workflow on the loan application.

If you have never heard about open source software, you might be wondering why something as great as WordPress is free.

Docbasic Reference Manual

This site uses cookies. With WordPress this is easy to achieve. Executing this methods changes information in the mwnual item associated with the work item.

The forums at WordPress. Work items are tasks in the workflow. Additionally, almost always when you are stuck with a problem and ask for help, knowledgeable and skillful WordPress gurus rush to your help. What documents are passed along the activities? If there are three reviewers, and if the task is sent in parallel, and two of the three reviewers approve, and one reviewer rejects the loan, then we can chose either reject activity as the next activity, or approve activity as the next activity, as per the requirement.


The auto activity will execute depending on these permissions. What do Data Domain customers have to say about Data Domain?

The referrnce templates created needs relate permission to be used. Beyond Application Security Groups: Acquires a work item for the current user. When a loan is rejected, the business logic is written in a java class, and that java class will be specified in the section, Execute this method automatically.

This means that someone with little experience will be able to regerence with WordPress with no or just a little help from the pros. Activity involving manual interaction is called as a Manual activity. Not only WordPress itself is free but also most of its themes and plugins are free, which reeference that you can create a really rocking site for free. You will certainly want your online platform to have a unique look.

Flows are the connectors.

Create a method using DocApp with the following attributes.