More by Lilian B. Yeomans. The Great Physician. Lilian B. Yeomans. from: $ Health and Healing. Lilian B. Yeomans. Balm of Gilead. Lilian B. Yeomans. 1 quote from Lilian B. Yeomans: ‘Just believe what God says that Jesus has done for you spirit, soul, and body — think about it, talk about it, sing about it, shout. Dr. Lilian Yeomans, pictured among Central Bible Institute students and . the Great Physician: The Life and Ministry of Dr. Lilian B. Yeomans”.

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It became clear to her that the Word of God had healing as a part of every section, not just some but every section. Want to read Dr. With the aid of her sister, she yeoamns out of bed and made the strenuous walk, feeling no difference in her body. Her remarkable ministry resulted from her own deliverance from the downward spiral of drug addiction. You are commenting using your WordPress. Yeomans said that if anyone would have asked her how she managed to become a drug addict she would have had one response: Believing in the power of medical drugs to assist in health for daily living, she began to prescribe herself medication when she was stressed or having difficulty sleeping.

Biography of Lilian B. Yeomans

Click here to yeomand this issue now. However, on returning back to her room she began to feel better, as if God was waiting on an act of faith on her part to be the catalyst for healing. She read in Job about healing, saw God’s heart in Genesis that God called us to walk in His image, saw in Exodus that there were “no feeble among them” in the wilderness, that Deuteronomy called for ritual cleansing of lepers, Numbers showed sickness being dealt with through prayer, sacrifice, and atonement, and many others.


Their goal was infuse people with the knowledge that God still heals today. Yeomans returned to Toronto, possibly due to illness. She served prostitutes, visited prisons, worked with alcoholics, and dealt with the social breakdown of people in a rapidly growing city.

The constant pressure of her work and the demands of the people could easily have been too much to handle for the former morphine addict. I truly appreciate you all for sharing such invaluable rich History and information regarding the true servants of God. With the aid of her sister, she got out of bed and made yeomanz strenuous walk, feeling no difference in her body. God began to speak to her, not just in a single verse but throughout the entire thing.

She prayed day and night to be delivered, but she did not believe that God really healed people. Yeomans gave up her medical practice and decided to become a missionary among the Cree Indians in Northern Canada for a time. In an article in the Feb. This work brought her into daily contact with the drugs she swore she would never use liluan.

We know from the Bible that the cause of sickness — a process ending, if unchecked, in death — is sin … and this cause can be reached by one remedy only, the Precious blood of Jesus Christ.

This Week in AG History Feb 17 1923

She also came to the realization that she was healed. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Price and Carrie Judd Montgomery gave memorial addresses at her funeral.

However, the relief lasted only briefly and she found her occasional doses becoming a daily habit and then a life-controlling addiction. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! They would read scriptures on healing to the sick, and would tell them to speak these scriptures over themselves. Lester Sumrall’s book “Pioneers of Faith”. This work brought her into daily contact with the drugs she swore she would never use again.

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Her sister, Charlotte Amy, accompanied her as caretaker. She would throw away the lklian swearing to never use them again, only to be driven back into them. Click here to read this issue now. Lilian graduated when she was 21 and passed an examination to practice medicine in Manitoba, Canada in Yeomans stayed as a teacher at the Bible school until when she broke with McPherson over ethical issues in college management. Yeomans tried to quit numerous times. Yeomans came to the point where she was bedridden.

She never again took drugs. After this experience with God through divine healing, Lilian and her sister both felt that they owed their lives to Him in service.

Names showing up in blue are other people who have biographies on this web site. The Life and Ministry of Dr.

For a deeper look at Dr. After her mother died inDr.

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She came into contact with Charles S. Her mother graduated in and joined her daughter February of in Winnipeg. Bible College under McPherson. Argue brought the Pentecostal message to Manitoba, Canada, inYeomans received the bb in the Holy Spirit and soon became a fixture in the burgeoning Pentecostal movement in Calgary and later in the United States.

Yeomahs of sulphate of morphine and chloral hydrate provided occasional relief from the excessive strain of anxiety or overwork. The constant pressure of her work and the demands of the people could easily have been too much to handle for the former morphine addict. She was extremely aware of the dangers of this habit, having treated addicts in her own practice.