Egzote- drvo, Beleške’ predlog Fitofarmacija u šumarstvu. Sveučilište Drvo odlucivanja-Vezbe-Vestacka inteligencija i ekspertni sistemi-Info. Teorija odlučivanja | Mathematics in Engineering | Faculty of Technical Sciences | FTN. multikriterijskog odlučivanja. Analizirana je . Metoda multikriterijskog odlučivanja. The method of . Slika 2. Drvo odlučivanja pri multikriterijskom odlučivanju.

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In promoting the activities specified in subparagraphs a to d above, the Parties shall create favourable conditions by facilitating contacts and cooperation among appropriate organizations and individuals in the private and public sectors that are capable of providing technology, design and engineering services, equipment or drgo.

The trend is towards turbocharged engines with intercooling, advanced fuel injection systems and electronic control. Key measures for traffic management aim at changing the modal split of public and long-range transport especially in sensitive areas like cities or the Alps by transferring transport from road to rail through tactical, structural, financial and restrictive elements and also by optimizing the logistics of the delivery systems.

By a total of aboutMW was installed.

Teorija odlučivanja | Mathematics in Engineering | Faculty of Technical Sciences | FTN

In some cases, options for reducing NOx emissions may also result in the reduction of emissions of CO and SO and odlucivanjaa pollutants. Furthermore, the Parties shall in particular, and no later than two years after the date of entry into force of the present Protocol: They are widely implemented in the power plant sector and in some areas of the industrial sector: In-furnace- NOx -reduction is being tested in some large-scale demonstration plants, whereas basic combustion modifications are incorporated mainly into boiler and burner design.

They are the following: Obrada i odlaganje otpada. It should be borne in mind also that sources of NOx are often sources of other pollutants as well, such as sulphur oxides SOxvolatile organic compounds VOCsand particulates. The Executive Body shall discuss the proposed amendments at its next annual meeting provided that these proposals have been circulated by the Executive Secretary to the Parties at least ninety days in advance.


Under such programmes, manufacturers are responsible for recalling vehicles that fail to meet the required standards. The first review shall take place no later than one year after the date of entry into force of the present Protocol. Typically some 30 per cent energy saving can be attained. Napredni trostazni katalizator zatvorene petlje.


It should also ensure that emission control systems have not been removed. Noting that the elaboration of an approach based on critical loads is aimed at the establishment of an effect-oriented scientific basis to be taken into account when reviewing the operation of this Protocol and at deciding on further internationally agreed measures to limit and reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides or their transboundary fluxes. The limiting of the NOx emissions to the levels set out in the national framework legislation has to be controlled by a permanent monitoring and reporting system and reported to the supervising authorities.

FBC is a combustion technology for burning hard coal and brown coal but it can also burn other solid fuels such as petroleum coke and low-grade fuels such as waste, peat and odluckvanja. Potrebne informacije mogu se razlikovati ovisno o vrsti industrijskog procesa. Measures to reduce NOx emissions and other air pollutants may include enforcement of speed limits and efficient traffic management.

To this end a certification system would provide the best assurance. The management of urban and long-distance traffic, though not elaborated in this annex, is important as an efficient additional approach to reducing emissions including NOx. Wherever possible it is usual to apply primary measures as a first stage of NOx reduction before applying flue gas treatment processes. Commercial, institutional and ervo combustion plants. The following side-effects will not prevent the implementation of any technology or method, but should be considered when several NOx abatement options are possible.


Стабло одлучивања — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

In the framework of modern automated monitoring systems and process control equipment, reporting creates no problems. The annex addresses the control of NOx emissions considered as the sum of nitrogen oxide NO and nitrogen dioxide NO expressed as NO and lists a number of NOx reduction measures and techniques spanning a wide range of costs and efficiencies. The technology also exists for heavy oil residue and bitumen emulsion.

Improved monitoring of emission control performance can be achieved by on-board diagnostic systems OBD which monitor the functioning of emission control components, store fault codes for further interrogation and call the attention of the driver to ensure the repair in case of malfunction.

Стабло одлучивања

In table 3 three technology options are summarized. Generally the same technology options as described for petrol-fuelled passenger cars are applicable. In cement kilns or glass melting furnaces, for example, certain high temperatures are necessary to ensure the product quality. At any time after five years from the date on which the present Protocol has come into force with respect to a Party, that Party may withdraw from it odlucivanjw giving written notification to the depositary.

The measures taken to carry out national strategies and policies for the abatement of air pollution include legislation and regulatory provisions, economic incentives and disincentives, as well as technological odluivanja best available technology.

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