Best books like Dua Tangis dan Ribuan Tawa: #1 Indonesia, Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang: Kisah Inspiratif Dahlan Iskan #2 Selimut Debu #3 Indonesia Menga. DUA TANGIS DAN RIBUAN TAWA (ahlan iskan). 2 likes. Book. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Iskan, Dahlan; Format: Book; xiii, p.: ill. ; 21 cm.

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We cannot live anymore without electricity, without steam; not very ribuqn from now we will not even be able to live anymore without atomic energy. Little did Sukarno realize that efforts to fully electrify Indonesia, an archipelago of more than 17, islands with challenging topography, would take much longer than 25 years.

Even now, not all households in Indonesia have been electrified. Indeed, some whole villages at the tops gibuan mountains are still not connected to the grid.

Books like Dua Tangis dan Ribuan Tawa

It began innot long after Indonesia declared their independence from the Netherlands 17 August On 27 October President Sukarno created the Gas and Electricity Agency Djawatan Listrik dan Gas under the Department of Public Works as the first organization in post-independence Indonesia founded to manage the provision of gas and electricity for the country.

PT PLN, the state-owned electricity company, celebrated the special day annually until when the annual commemoration was canceled. This change, however, did not last long.

Deciding that the country needed a special day to celebrate all things electrical, and that 27 October was a day of national significance, the Minister of Mines and Energy reinstated National Electricity Day in The most recent national day added to the list is the National Santri Islamic Students Day, which falls on 22 October.


The unstated purposes are to remind citizens of the idea of the Indonesian nation and to habituate them into reproducing and maintaining Indonesian nationhood. Since its reinstatement inIndonesians have been celebrating the National Electricity Day every year.

Depending on the year and the available budgetPT PLN usually organizes charitable works for communities, a variety of sport tournaments for its employees, and several competitions.

For the tasa several years, the company has also been txngis a seminar on electricity attended mostly by PLN engineers and managers. Presided over by the head of each of PT PLN units, this ceremony emphasizes the national importance of their work, and instills a sense of pride in what they do, which is electrifying their nation.

Philanthropic works too underscore PT PLN as a national actor, broadly interested in the well-being of the nation.

Dua Tangis Dan Ribuan Tawa : Dahlan Iskan :

The charity works PT PLN employees organize each October have benefited orphans, poor students, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups. A few times, the company have also held mass marriage and mass circumcision for those who needed the services but could not afford them. The event drew 53, donors who gave a total of But the logic of celebrating a popular technology by providing services for the needy is more than just simple public relations. National acts of public service help to articulate the nation-making significance of electricity provision and the PT PLN itself as an institutional actor that takes the welfare of the nation seriously.

When Djiteng Marsudi, a highly nationalist and patriotic executive, was the head of PLN for example, he made sure to include a visit to the National Heroes Cemetary on the agenda of the National Electricity Day celebration, so that PLN employees and perhaps others rua appreciate the sacrifices made by those who fought for and defended Indonesian independence. One of them was to connect 1 million new electricity customers on 27 Octobera technical feat initially deemed impossible by many people.


To these executives, electricity rawa much more than just building power plants, transmission lines, and adding new subscribers.

Books similar to Dua Tangis dan Ribuan Tawa

On certain special occasions such as the blood drive ribyan the Go Grass, the national media covered them more widely. The first prize winner was a photo by Boy T. Pudyanto published with permission from photographer.

Blogging is extraordinarily popular in Indonesia.

Dua Tangis Dan Ribuan Tawa

Bloggers everywhere blog their interests, which run the gamut from the their favorite recipes to proselytizing their religion. Sometimes, PT PLN has used the special occasion to reflect back on their journey and try and articulate their hopes for the future. Rbiuan an eponymous article, the company acknowledges the challenges it has faced in the past seven decades electrifying the country and emphasizes that its work is far from over.

With a new government mandate to install an additional 35, MW generating capacity across the country, PT PLN hopes to achieve its dual and often conflicting missions: In the tanyis of electricity, Indonesians have been building stories, meanings, hopes and dreams around this technology.

One manifestation of this technology story building and telling is the establishment, commemoration, and public popularity of the annual National Electricity Day. He is currently turning his dissertation into a book manuscript. Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia An International Journal 11 Questions to Live With Cambridge: Social Meanings of a New Technology, Cambridge: This is the official translation.

Questions to Live With Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press3.