Forming a Catholic Resistance and Deeper Culture of the Faith in Times of Permeating Disorder: Evelyn Waugh’s Edmund Campion (). Gerard Kilroy, the co-editor of a new edition of Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Edmund Campion’, describes the motivations behind and evolution of Waugh’s. The recognised authority on Edmund Campion, Professor Gerard Kilroy, Senior Research Fellow at Campion Hall, is co-editing a new edition.

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It was one of those fortuitous discoveries. Oh what delight to find a little library!

Edmund Campion by Evelyn Waugh – The Wine-Dark Sea

In wdmund few minutes I spent there I spied at least a dozen books I wanted to check out. Had she been born in an age which offered no alternative, she would have conformed complacently enough, for, apart from a pronounced deficiency in faith, hope, and charity, she had in many ways a naturally Catholic temperament. It has been represented as a gesture of medievalism, futile in an age of new, vigorous nationalism, and its author as an ineffectual and deluded champion, stumbling through the mists, in the ill-fitting, antiquated armor, of Gregory and Innocent; a disastrous figure, provoking instead of a few buffets for Sancho Panza the bloody ruin of English Catholicism.


William Allen later Cardinalthe founder and first President of the English College at Douai and his program for training the missionary priests that would be sent to England:.

The teaching was counter-reformatory; in theology and exegesis they concentrated almost entirely upon controversial texts; in their spiritual exercises they were prepared for sacrifice; they were being trained not as scholars and gentlemen, but as missionaries and martyrs.

To critics at the time this yearly despatch waugy almost certain imprisonment or death, of relays of the finest youth of the Church, seemed a gruesome and intolerable waste.

His was the humbler task of composing their epitaphs. One of our friends went to it last year and had nothing but campon things to say.

Edmund Campion: A Life by Evelyn Waugh

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