Electrolux WH 25lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor. SKU: WH. Extremely Low water Consumption; Compass control Features AWS-Automatic Weighing. WH – (11kg) Washer Extractor available to rent or buy from Acer Equipment, suppliers of commercial laundry equipment. Electrolux WH washing machine front loading Suspended frame l G-factor front loaded washer extractor with programmable Clarus .

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Electrolux – W4105H – (11kg) Washer Extractor

If you wish, you can cancel heating before the set temperature is reached: Such monies shall be paid if full by the date specified in the Notice Section of the sale details.

This screen shows that the parameter has been entered successfully.

The lowest level for a mop program in the main wash with heating is 22 scale units. If you want to delete more programs: The majority of the components in the machine can be reused, but it also contains other material that must be taken care of in the correct way.

Registration for bidding is only via i-bidder. Register your product login required. Debit cards will incur no extra charge. Press b repeatedly until EXIT is highlighted. Memory cards allow the user to: Shows the total operating time for the machine since it was installed. Full delivery address inc postal or ZIP code.

Electrolux WH Specifications |

If any independent contractors including hauliers are to be used, details of who they are and confirmation of their competence s must be give to the Auctioneers. Fast forward the machine to the stop position and check that the door cannot be opened until the program is completed. This screen shows that the weighing equipment has been tared successfully. The purchaser is reminded that if, nevertheless, any of the goods or articles purchased are intended by him to be supplied in due course for use at work, the Purchaser should, before so supplying them for such use, take such steps as are necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that such goods or articles will be safe and without risks to health when properly used and should carry out or arrange for the carrying out of such testing and examination as may be necessary to enable him to carry out the obligations imposed by the Health and Safety at Work Act Procedure for use 52 For machines with weighing equipment installed only!


This screen shows that the stored tare parameter has been cleared. WH – Clarus Control. If you do not want to reset the register: Memory cards A memory card is a plastic card, the size of a credit card, with an electronic memory chip inside it.

The goods shall be acquired by the Purchaser at his own risk. If you want to copy more programs: Once the program has started, the memory card electroolux be removed from the card reader. Finding the perfect balance between low water and energy consumption, whilst maximizing wash results with shorter processing time.

Please ring for further details. Purchasers may be required to pay a deposit on lots which may cause damage or leave a hole in the fabric of the building after removal. If you do want to reset the register: Their electrolu functions at any time are shown on the display immediately above each key. First you have the chance to change your mind.


Auto restart means that the same program will be repeated one or more times, according to the number set. The program will restart immediately, and the door will remain locked. Elsctrolux cards of this type can be used to: The program library may be used for starting a wash program, but is also used in programming, when a wash program needs to be modified or if a new program is to be created on the basis of an existing one.

You need to be registered and approved to bid at this auction. Our presses with nickel-plated head reduce heat loss and save energy.

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The program number required is 9. Designed specifically to ensure safe ekectrolux simple operation. Procedure for use 49 For machines with weighing equipment installed only!