Electrotecnia. Fundamentos teóricos y aplicaciones prácticas. Gray Alexander, Wallace. Aguilar – Foto Libros de Segunda Mano – Ciencias, Manuales y Oficios – Física, Química y Matemáticas: wallace. Compra, venta y subastas de Física. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Electrotecnia: fundamentos teóricos y aplicaciones prácticas / por Alexander Gray y G. A. Wallace | Traducción de.

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The passband of the band-pass filters BPF in indicated below the corresponding block.

We also studied the frequency of the detected events. The only inclusion criterion was the presence of at least 1 spike per minute during a previous record.

Mikhov a, a Faculty of Automatics, More information. The amplitude of the marked FOs in the analyzed recordings was about ten times smaller than the amplitude of the interictal spikes.

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Degree University Specialization Year. The time performance of the detector is analyzed at the subject level i. It is used to convert the electrical energy, supplied by the controller, to mechanical.

One patient presented several bursts of almost continuous high frequency tray spread in many channels lasting between 1 and 10 s. Subject information More information. It seems reasonable that a human reviewer would unconsciously relax the qualitative requirements to find FOs in a recording with very few events compared to a recording with many events.

Diagram of the pre-detection processing.

Automatic detection of fast oscillations (40–200 Hz) in scalp EEG recordings

Abstract Objective We aim to automatically detect fast oscillations 40— Hz related to epilepsy on scalp EEG recordings. Several detections can occur almost simultaneously at different frequency bands. In the figure we can also see that there is no significant improvement of the automatic detector at S86 compared to the S95, as mentioned earlier.

Again, this indicates that the events left out when changing the thresholds to obtain a lower sensitivity, have a similar spatial distribution than the rest of the events. Since we are interested in the background level, the RMS signal is limited to the threshold value before averaging, i.


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Given that the number of false positives in this patient is almost 80 times larger see Patient J in Table 3it is natural that the results are equivalent to selecting a random ordering. Note that for each subject level event we have a sensitivity and specificity value. Results A scatter plot showing the feature values of the events after the pre-detection stage is shown in Fig. An event or candidate FO is detected every time the RMS value of the signal is above the threshold during a time interval equal to electrotecina cycles of the central frequency of the band plus the effective duration of the impulse response of the narrowband filters.

The background signal level is computed based on the RMS signal of the previous step, averaged eldctrotecnia a causal moving window of walace t b.

To obtain the first feature we compute the ratio gay the maximum absolute value of the broadband signal, to the maximum absolute value of the signal in the narrow frequency band in which an event was detected.

The first step of the pre-detector is a bandpass filter between 35 and Hz; the resulting signal will be called broadband signal. The curves obtained with a jackkinfe approach leave one out are the curves used in the rest of the study. A low parameter value may show excellent positive agreement and positive predicted values at high sensitivity, but the reason is simply that there are almost electrotechia detections. Then, the threshold values are varied to minimize the number of false positive pre-detections with maximum ratio of broadband to narrowband signal amplitude lower than Threshold A and maximum RMS value larger than Threshold B, always for the previously computed number of true positive pre-detections fulfilling the same conditions.

To make this website work, wallac log user data and share it with processors. The algorithm is not sensitive to changes of the parameters t b and c within a certain range, as shown in Appendix B. Fast oscillations FOs electtrotecnia oscillations visible in EEG signals at frequencies higher than the conventional clinical range of analysis. Then, we believe it is better to compare detectors using the positive and negative agreement measures.

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Interictal high-frequency oscillations — Hz in the intracerebral EEG of epileptic patients. A Example of true positive events illustrating clear events marked by the expert and identified by the detector. High-frequency electroencephalographic oscillations correlate with outcome of epilepsy surgery. Author manuscript; available in PMC Sep Start display at electortecnia.

Recent studies suggest that they may play an dallace role in normal and pathological brain function. High frequency oscillations in human brain. The visual detection and marking of events in these recordings by human reviewers is therefore a very time consuming task, and subjectivity in the results is unavoidable. In order to relate them to the epileptogenic zone it is useful to determine which channels present a high number of FOs.

Voltages are seldom perfectly balanced between phases, but when this unbalance. Also, we consider consecutive oscillations separated by less than a electrotecnoa time interval t sep as a single FO. Near this point there is a change in the S vs.

Springer – Verlag – Berlin, Heideberg [46] S. Examples of these sharp transients can be seen in some of the true negative examples of Fig. Overall results for S86 elfctrotecnia S95 operating points and patient to patient results at S Co-occurence of spikes and FOs.

A high sensitivity is achieved with the proposed automatic detector, but results should be reviewed by an expert to remove false positives. To quantify this aspect of wal,ace performance we report the ranking distance RD Zelmann et al.