If this publication is made available on Ericsson’s homepage,. Ericsson gives The Cordless DT and DT are IP64 classified, which means that they are. Ericsson DT user manuals will help to adjust your device, find errors and eliminate failures. Ericsson DT Handset (without battery) part number DPANB/2-R3A is in stock.

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Ericsson DT user manuals download

Page Soft key list. This focus on batteries has helped the company become erlcsson expert and popular in the development and marketing of the said accessory. The name of the selected method is shown.

Each user can then define his own settings, for example; type of ring signal, volume, answering method, Soft key settings etc. Enter data, prefix, phone number, or SMS address and text.

Desktop Charger The tilted design facilitates the use of handsfree operation, i. Order now to avoid disappointment, as we approach the busy Festive Period: The clip can be replaced with a cover plate that is in the delivery or a swivel- type belt clip that can be ordered separately. During Calls Press the middle Soft key to activate handsfree speaking mode.

How to use DISA is described in this section.

For example, the dh412 shows that number Smith was dialed, but the call was diverted to you: Automatic Key Lock There is no need to ericdson the Call key. This action will also mute message signals. Safety information The DT, DT and DT phones are IP64 classified, which means that they are robust, dust- and waterproof, designed for people working in tough environments.


Security chain The security chain is mm long. The SIM card is not Contact system ercisson with the administrator. Change System When you have entered Settings: Tone sender on will be indicated with a in the number, and off with Press to enter a space. The selected ring signal is shown. Clean the battery contacts using ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Got it, continue to print.

Ericsson DT Handset (without battery) – DPANB/2-R3A

The Call Waiting function might be blocked for use on your extension programmed by your system administrator. Individual External Line To make a call on a specific external line: Choose the function you want the service to have.

Another example is when several users are sharing the same phone. Press and dial the required digits. Enter old Authorization Code and press. The name and number are changed. Manual Message Waiting mmw Press to finish the procedure. The functions and features available with these telephones are designed for easy use in all different telephone handling situations. The new answering method is selected.

Page 20 Displayed when it is possible to get a phone number from the local Phonebook, for example to add it to a function. Contact your system administrator for more information. Press to delete the ericson and number see display. The display shows the preprogrammed number. Ericsson dt cordless telephone for md pbx 76 pages.


Finland press and dial the required digits. Now only the vibrator and the red lamp will indicate an incoming call. Sim Card This means that you can move your SIM card from one phone to another and keep all your settings. We will do all we can to offer our assistance with any problems you may encounter.

No-movement Alarm And Man-down When the No-movement Alarm has ddt412 sent, it is made active again by moving the phone or pressing a key. No System If the message is displayed you cannot make or answer calls. Page 74 Wait for the call icon to stop flashing. Press to enter the Call list.

When a headset is connected to the phone, the button on the headset can be used to answer the call. If Intrusion is not allowed, you will continue to receive a busy tone. Press to answer the conference call.

Ericsson DT412 Dect telephone cordless

Press to confirm see display. Settings The last used tab is marked. MF Communications has built its reputation on offering customer satisfaction.

Callbacks can be activated on several extensions at the same time.