Eupoecilia ambiguella. Scientific Name. Eupoecilia ambiguella Hübner,. Synonyms: Tinea omphaciella Faure-Bignet de Simonest, General information about Eupoecilia ambiguella (CLYSAM). Order: Lepidoptera. Superfamily: Tortricoidea. Family: Tortricidae. Subfamily: Tortricinae. Tribe: Cochylini. Genus: Eupoecilia. Subject: Eupoecilia ambiguella.

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The wingspan of this species is mm in adults. Female lays eggs one by one on buds, bracts euporcilia anthophores, less often on young sprouts. Diapausing pupae over-winter in dense cocoons under exfoliating bark, in crevices and cracks of stalk. Book for wine grower. The pest causes harm to grapes and Schizandra. The head, prothoracic shieldand legs are dark brown to black. Clysia Cochylis ambiguella Hbn. Institute of zoology Acad.

Harmful insects of Ambigudlla. The European grape berry moth Clysia ambiguella Hb. Late instar larvae are approximately mm in length. European honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae Lonicera ramosissima Franch.


The Ray Society, London, England. In Russian Shreiner Ya. Development of 1st generation larvae lasts days.

Adult Recognition

Males and females exhibit no sexual dimorphism in wing pattern although females may be slightly larger than males. Development time is highly dependent on temperature and humidity. Arthropods of Economic Importance: Economic thresholds vary with the type of grape and cultivar.

It is not considered established outside of Europe and Asia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. From Wikipedia, the eeupoecilia encyclopedia.

In Russian Ivannikov A. Tortricidae Lepidoptera of the Palaearctic Region, Vol. Fore wings pinkish-yellow, with a black transversal trapezoidal stripe in the middle. The anal shield is pale brown. Female lays up to eggs.

Eupoecilia ambiguella (CLYSAM)[Overview]| EPPO Global Database

Odessa, Library of J. The life cycle of E.

Climate categories Diurnal temperature variation Drainage Microclimate Regional climate levels Soil types Terroir Topography aspect elevation slope. The larvae mainly feed on dogwoodRhamnus frangulaHedera helixRhamnus catharticagrape ambigulla honeysuckle.


EPPO Global Database

A genitalic dissection can be used eupoecipia confirm E. Body color varies from brown to yellow and green. World Crop Pests, Vol. The European grape vine moth not found in California: