Framo. Cargo Pump SD Instruction for Maintenance and Repair Before doing service on pump read the Service Manual for Cargo Pumps, Chapter 3. Well, he had worked on ships (tankers) with Framo pumps. In old Framo system this could be a manual valve with its handle touching the. Maintenance on framo cargo pumping system on ships including filter, control of liquid filled cofferdam according to instruction in the manual.

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Replace any damaged parts.

If the low oil level trip is activated, the reason for low level must be investigated. When starting the first main power pack, two feed pumps will automatically start before the power pack is started.

Framo Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System on Ships

If cargo goes into the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic system will damage. In case of failure to main feeder, automatic change-over to back-up will take place. The framo hydraulic cargo pumping system is designed for a flexible and safe cargo and tank cleaning operation on ships. If it has less or no oil, the pump will get damaged. This podcast on the maritime matters will provide value to the listeners. Framo Cargo Pumping Tagged: Part of the alarm system.

Framo has a purging routine which shows when the purging of the pump cofferdam need to be carried out. Depending upon the surrounding temperature, the hydraulic oil used in Framo may be below or above this temperature range.


Maintenance on Framo Cargo Pumping System

Pupm the equipment does not operate properly or there is evidence of damage, overhaul the equipment in accordance with the instruction for the damaged component in the manual. The following preventive maintenance is recommended for optimum life of the system. Ensure proper air venting.

So the fluctuation only stops when the system pressure and the consumer pressure are the same. Generally there are few maintenance activities on the system but we would like to highlight following: Stay tuned for this section.

I recently met a 3rd officer. This is because more the flow of pressurised oil to the hydraulic motor, more speed the impeller will rotate. It is therefore important that operation instructions are followed carefully.

Short, crisp and full of value. STC also prevent the pump to overspeed by controlling the amount of oil to the hydraulic motor of the pump.

Particle counting and water analyses every 3 months, and full oil analyses once a year. If any of the seal is leaking, it need to be replaced with new seal after the discharging and tank cleaning of the tank. AMOL Sep 14, This is because the recirculated oil is made to pass through the filter. Excellent Post and useful information, easy to read and understand.

A Basic But Helpful Guide On Framo System – MySeaTime

Submersible pumps on board tankers is the first choice for the ship owners because of various advantages these offer. Many many thanks to you sir for this post did two ships both with marflex and now this last ship as cadet got framo. The feeders and DC power supplies are monitored by relays provided with status lamps.


The hydraulic oil is made to pass through a oil cooler framl cool the oil before delivery on deck.

Go to myseatime blogs. These are the push buttons installed at different locations. It is therefore recommended to change wear rings if the pump is overhauled for other reasons.

Impeller rotates and pushes the liquid into the volute casing. This is the most basic points we should know before we proceed with any kind of centrifugal pump. If it is above the optimum pmp, the oil will need cooling. The first power pack stops immediately and delay between shut down command of each following power pack is 0. Further inspection intervals to be based on experience. However, when initiating start of the first main power pack, two of the feed pumps will automatically be started high capacity mode before the power pack is mwnual.

To get a long lasting and trouble free operation of your system it is important to implement a planned maintenance system covering the most important parameters and equipment. In old Manuao system this could be a manual valve with its handle touching the sensor.