Don’t kill me but I think about flouncing Frenemies by McVampy. A lot of people said it’s so good and it’s old ff and this story is must read and I’m. I just finished reading this Fanfic Frenemies *no it isn’t completed* but there are 26 chapters and I Sorry it is working it is Mcvampy. Tags: Age of Edward, AngryBadgerGirl, fan fiction, McVampy, One Shot know who I am talking about this fantabulous lady wrote Frenemies!!!.

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I’ll keep trying, maybe I’ll get really engrossed in one and forget the trouble I’m having trying to mcvanpy it on my computer. I’m now reading The Porcupine Embrace which was recommended. IN here I babbled on about how awesome her story is and how much I loved the language and the FEEL of it all it was very well done in a great Austen style I have read a lot of Austen and she confessed something to me that made me damn near fall outta my freaking Chair!!

Feb 25, Messages: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Log in No account? Mar 27, Messages: Oh good, I’m so glad you liked it! I have a substantial amount already written and it needs to be tweaked a bit.

Wondering if you have read any of them, and if not, maybe the list will interest you anyway. Did you ever read The Red Line or Hurt by winndsinger on fanfiction. Mar 8, Messages: The interview was perfect… cute website, I will need to check it out more often. I mean she was willing to chit chat with me while I stammered over my non prepared questions listening to my kids in the background!


I have not read Miss My Lion, will check it out next. Forgive me if I’ve mentioned this before, but the gym scene, can’t you picture “Let Me Sign” playing for that shot?? Email required Address never made public. SOOOO tell me about your little one shot? Do you believe in HEA? I so wish Wide Awake would update!

I don’t want it to end.

I really loved chatting with you!! To entertain people completely in just one chapter with all types of rules can be a challenge. Wednesdays one frenemied is Flying High With Silver Wings by floridachickie and I am still waiting for the author to get back to me for Friday. Yes I am writing something else. Do you already have an account? Well, I do and I don’t! Oct 17, Messages: My HEAs are like a little fics in themselves.

The woman said YES I have heard of her! Are you part of the community scotchvsgin? An explosion of happiness with puppies running through fields of wildflowers, unicorns riding rainbows….

I guess I might have to print them out. And Sue…thankie for being my mini-pimptress. Also, The Submissive by tara sue me is awesome and just finished, and now she is writing the same story from The Dominant’s perspective and will then do a continuation to the story with The Training. Glad you liked it Wednesdays one shot is Flying High With Silver Wings by floridachickie and I ffenemies still waiting for the author to get back to me for Friday I am working on more stuff too For next week we have Fuckhawt Fic week happening I have an interview with ….



TWILIGHTAHOLICS PART 4!!!!!~*~Lions, Lambs, and Lunar-tics!!!!

WHY am I writing about one shots?? Tags age of edward american express article glamour band banners concert confront devotional eighties fan fiction twilight fan fiction twilight volition fan fiction mcvqmpy witfits fanfiction fanfiction twilight witfit fanfiction twilight witfits favorite fan fic recent reads film greatest summer songs holiday homophobic intel john hughes life local business mfc2 movies music my fitness coach 2 my lifescoop poetry racist real life shine a light summer concert tumblr sweetness tv pc ubisoft volition website photos workout motivation writer’s block yahoo yahoo its you View my Tags page.

So I asked her something like how she came up with this stuff to make it sound sooooo mcvamly. You are commenting using your WordPress.