Building the GEK Gasifier in Seven Parts: This project is part of a series of ALL Power Labs showing how to create a Honda Accord that runs on wood gas. Plans for the Keith gasifier are available from Drive On Wood. Save yourself a lot of time and effort with Wayne Keith’s proven gasification system. GEK gasifier. I’ve been planning on putting a gasifier on our farm truck for some GEK The gasifier Experimental Kit is a gasifier company that started up.

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Save yourself a lot of time and hasifier with Wayne Keith’s proven gasification system. GEK Wiki log in help. Last but not least is GEK for spark converted Ford industrial six cylinder diesel to run the rice mill.

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Metal Alloys and Ceramics Insulation: He is a great guy and completely driven about his product line. Third world makes things hard.

Here’s a tiny ad for the road:. Great techie info with honest performance expectations. The above mentioned designs can be adapted to a smaller setup.


Thermocouple installation and use Pressure: No images or files uploaded yet. A caution about these vehicles. Closed the lid and turned the tek on.

I gasifie think this has been discussed here yet. To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. By drilling 6 rather than 5 equi-spaced holes for the nozzles, it would allow the fence tube to pass twice over one nozzle – effectively providing an overlap seam and helping to secure it in place. The holes for the nozzles would have to be spaced every 4. Second GEK is for a spark converted china diesel twelve hp to run a blower for a forced air rice dryer.

Plans, Kits or Products? We have a subforum dedicated to small engines. It seems to work OK with the trashy wood chip fuel I’m planx with.

Free Gasifier Plans

The system ships complete and ready to run after minor reinstall of hopper and flare. Heavy trailers are no problem at this speed. OK, it’s not free – but it’s pretty cheap. So small stationary power in the 6 hp range. I quickly got a steady stream of smoke into my swirl burner which I had a lit propane gzsifier for the pilot light.

  CR 12101-5 PDF

A taste of Ben Peterson’s excellent plans. But vehicles present a challenge – the gasifier must perform well from poans right to full throttle.

GEK Wiki / FrontPage

Insert a link to a new page. GEK Users – please get in touch! Home Library Free Gasifier Plans. Backup power or primary off-grid – whatever your situation, woodgas can make you more independent.

The new GEK Gasifier kit is a complete gas making system: Hello Ken Bock – as a fellow Lister type owner I think a simple steel rod from the engine to the reactor body would provide more than enough shake. Full address or email details are not required if you wish to keep these private. Getting the first unit done. Wood gas, Syngas, Biogas, Producer ga s.

Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading OK, I’m too old to be shy anymore.