Program Manual PABX LG GHX 1. TRUNK GROUP / PEMBAGIAN GROUP * FLASH30 CO LINE yang kita jadikan satu Group. 1 ○ GHX KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM / SLT User Guide GHXA//36/46 SLT User Guide for GHX System Call Forward ○ Lift handset. ○ Dial 7 5 4. GHXA/ HYBRID KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM SECTION 6. FEATURE DESCRIPTION NUMBERING PLAN Numbering Plan for.

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If you want to program CO 3, only enter View Most Popular Lands Phones. GHX provides two kinds of messages and each has 10 messages. It is your primary link to your business. Dial tone will be received and they can dial the desired telephone number.

Additional fees must be packed. It was programmed but due to a power out the system went haywire. No recall secondsProcedure: If a line is transferred to a busy station, that station will receive muted ring. Batteries are to be placed in a limited access room or cabinet with adequate ventilation to dissipate any battery gases that may be present. The switch is located inside the system unit and pre -set to power V.

Operation To register password; 1.

Index of /FOTO/GHX

Dial the parking location. Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause [cancer, and] birth defects More information. Locate it at batteries in line with the battery negative lead to protect the battery from damage.


Automatic privacy disabled, privacy warning tone disabled.

Dial Frequency Selection Code and one data digit 2,5,8,0 to select frequency. Queuing If you access a busy line, you may request the system to place you on hold 6616 the next line becomes idle.

Plug the telephone handset cord into the headset adapter box where indicated by the headset manu-facturer s instructions.

[wts] LG Key-phone system

Attendant Station Assignment Any key station in the system may be assigned as the attendant station. Flash to CO Line Operation Establishing a conference; 1. Grounding is necessary to ensure proper and safe operationstation.

Parked calls have their own recall timer and will recall the No ‘0’ as the first digit. For LG Aria Systems: Dial the 2 digits initialization code. In case of 4 fractional parts: FAX CO call timer assignment 4. If any equipment is damaged or missing, notify appropriate personnel to correct the situation.

Chaining of the transfer is possible. When programming, tones are provided to help the programmer determines correct or incorrect entry of data. When the system detects a tone from incoming line within predetermined time, the system transfers this line to the station assigned for a Fax machine. Flash 50, Button 1: Call Park Retrieve Y Y.


Attendant Erase Authorization Yhx To deactivate the DND; 1. Please read this manual ghxx connecting the Advanced Hybrid System.

Index of /FOTO/GHX

This feature does not have any influence on CO conversation. Unpack the system unit and verify proper operationequipment.

The messages are limited to 24 characters including 166. Hot Line feature can be programmed as one of the followings: Multiline Telephone User Guide Notice Note that when converting this document from its original format to a.

Absent, return at clk xx: 6616 1 digit on the number keypad. Allow Table B Flash 50, Button 4: Two stations can be assigned to Loud Bell Control. If a program code is used to determine programming but nothing is changed or changed but not entered into memory by pressing HOLDthe previous data will remain intact upon leaving the field. If there is any problem, unplug the extension.