Reinhold Gliere – Composer – Russian Sailor’s Dance (“Yablochko”) from the ballet, “The Red Poppy” () – Music Sales Classical. transcribed by Janette Fishell A duet for two performers on one organ. This is the most famous dance from the Russian ballet Krasny mak (The Red Poppy). In a new arrangement for mature string groups, Gliere’s energetic dance movement again shows why it has become an icon of light classical programming for.

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This production was staged in and in Sverdlovskand in, and in Saratov. Since the theme repeats itself, it is very easy to add variations and make each verse more and more complicated.

WorldOrch / Russian Sailor’s Dance

Wilkings Junior High School. Russin Nestor Mahno – Kuda denesh’sja? Classical Archives – The Red Poppy. Impressed by the captain’s act of kindness she gives him a red poppy as a symbol of her love. The focus of this text is to give background information about the piece and its harmonic and melodic structure, not provide a complete cultural and historical account of the piece.

The Red Poppy, Op.70 (Glière, Reinhold)

As she dies, she gives another red poppy flower to a young Chinese girl as a sign of love and freedom. The orchestra was led by Yuri Fayer.


Budem rybu kormit’ Dobrovol’cami! Ne hodi za mnoj, burzhuj, Ja vsja krasnaja.

By adapting a familiar folksong that praises the Bolsheviks and the impending Russian Revolution, he shows pride in his country and culture. How does the song live today for the people of and from that culture?

Unlike other composers of his time, like Rachmaninov, he stayed in Russia and adapted to the censorship of music imposed by the Russian Revolution. Lev Laschiline Act 2: How does this information fit with the information presented in Teaching Music Through Performance in Orchestra?

She refuses, and is later rusisan when a riot breaks out on the dock — thus sacrificing her life for the captain. Already have an account? The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ballet2nd edition. Kommunist molodoj Zachem gkiere Insert image from URL Tip: This piece scores high on World Music Authenticity score, scoring a 4, as it is a direct transcription and variation of a song of a culture.

The Red Poppy Russian: Retrieved from ” https: Also ina new production choreographed by Vladimir Vasiliev who also did scenario editing and scenerywith costumes by Maria Vol’skaya, and music director and conducting by Anatoly Chepurnoy, was performed on 23 November at the Krasnoyarsk Ballet and Opera Theater. Issac, and Eliot del Borgo. This song is originally written for Russian folk instruments including the Bayan Russian Accordion and the Balaika.


Pages Images and files. The Kolchak’s regime Has fallen apart. Naxos – Reinhold Gliere.

I dancs that it provides a connection to Russia for those no longer live there, and the sound is so distinctly Russian, with the accents, and the heavy marcato that Gliere writes in this piece that it is instantly recognizable as being Russian.

Possibly the most famous dance from this ballet is the Sailors Dance, sometimes referred to as the ” Russian Sailors Dance ” although it is described as “Dance of the Sailors from the Soviet Ship” in the score and libretto. Views Read Edit View history. The glieree th performance in Moscow occurred on 23 December The steamboat is going, The water makes rings We will feed the fish With Volunteers.

The first act of the ballet closes with the Russian Sailor’s Dance, which is a transcription, and set of variations of the Russian dancr Yablochko, mentioned earlier which has been adapted for a full orchestra.