T. B. Gunning (–89), American dentist] n. A solid metal splint linking the mandible and maxilla together to provide fixation for a fractured mandible. A splint is. Undisplaced or minimally displaced fractures of the mandible in elderly patients are usually treated by closed reduction. Gunning-type splints or. Gunning splint is a prosthetic aid designed to stabilize the reduced fractured mandibular segments. It is a viable treatment option for atrophic edentulous.

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J can dent assoc 69 7: One anterior opening was made in rims for feeding purpose and splont interlocking mechanism was provided to avoid any movement between two splints Fig. An improved Gunning Splint. Advanced age as a contraindication to operation.

Hence, it was decided to perform closed reduction of the fractured mandible with Gunning splint instead gunnimg open reduction. When complete dentures do not exist, the stabilization of reduced fracture segments can be achieved by employing Gunning splint.

Gunning splint | definition of Gunning splint by Medical dictionary

Intermaxillary splinting can be done by connecting two splints with wire loops or elastic bands. The rationale of conservative treatment approach using Gunning splint in elderly patient with case spint is discussed.

Fractures of edentulous mandible are common in elderly persons. Immobilization is carried out by attaching the upper splint to maxilla by per-alveolar wiring and the lower splint to the mandibular body by circumferential wires.


These parts were then repositioned to resemble normal mandibular contours Fig. These parts xplint then repositioned to resemble normal mandibular contours. Fracture line was extending till the base of the mandible in vertically favourable manner. History revealed that the patient had trauma in mandibular anterior region 8 days ago. New method for fabrication of gunning splint in orthognathic surgery for edentulous patients.

Oral Surg ; Moodie F Mr.

In this clinical report, step by step method for fabrication of Gunning splint and its intraoral fixation in an edentulous funning is discussed. After securing the splints to the underlying bone, intermaxillary fixation was done with arch wires to provide firm immobilisation Fig.

Use of Gunning Splint for the Treatment of Edentulous Mandibular Fracture: A Case Report

These arch bars were used for intermaxillary fixation of the splints. In almost all the selected and planned cases of fractured atrophic edentulous mandible, a satisfactory union of the fractured segments can be obtained with Gunning type of splint.

The arch bar was incorporated on buccal side of each solint within the modeling wax. Treatment of atrophic edentulous mandible fracture is challenging due to the associated complications.

Use of Gunning Splint for the Treatment of Edentulous Mandibular Fracture: A Case Report

Philip L, David R Spontaneous mandibular fracture in a partially edentulous patient: Figure 1 Showing the lone standing tooth in mandibular splinnt. Keywords atrophic edentulous mandible, gunning splint, mandible fracture.

A retrospective evaluation of 84 consecutive cases. J Prosthet Dent Procedure Used for the Fabrication of Gunning Splint Spliht of fractured mandibular arch was made with irreversible hydrocolloid impression material Tropicalgin, Zhermack, Italywhile for maxillary arch, medium fusing impression compound was used. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. The technique, which crosses the boundaries of conventional fracture management provides, promising results with minimum morbidity thus imparting optimum quality of life ahead for the patient.


The splints may become foul, if proper oral hygiene is not maintained. Morbidity and mortality are gunjing in geriatric patients after trauma. A case of spontaneous fracture of the mandible associated with infection of the right sub-lingual gland.

Guunning osteosynthesis is less invasive treatment and sutaible for atrophic edentulous mandible except for comminuted defects.

The endosteal supply from inferior alveolar splont begins to disappear and bone becomes increasingly dependent on periosteal network of vessels for its blood supply. Br J Oral Surg ; Please review our privacy policy.

It is splimt acrylic, single unit prosthesis with gap in the anterior region to allow food intake. The basic principles of reduction of the fractured segments and immobilization during healing defined centuries ago stand true even today.

Facial fractures and splinf healing in the geriatric patient. Less precise alignment in edentulous patients may be acceptable as no opposing teeth and occlusion is involved.

External fixation appliance or Joe Hall Morris appliance may be used for edentulous mandible fracture. J Dent Tehran Summer.