U series Multi-parameter water quality checker enables to measure and indicate the monitoring result simultaneously up to 11 parameters with one. Shop for the Horiba U Series Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter and other pH / ORP Meters at Instrumart. HORIBA warrants that the Product shall be free from defects in material .. The U Series Multi Water Quality Checker features an integrated.

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More Industrial resistivity meter HER.

Cable can be easily connected and disconnected with quick-connect fitting. Now lighter, smaller, more accurate, and with an improved user interface, the only instrument you need to take into the field just got even better. Horina sensitivity turbidity sensor included U, U Advanced and durable, the Levelogger Edge is the latest water level datalogger from Solinst. Hand-held transmitter and sensor probe.

View the specifications sheet for more information about ranges, resolution, repeatability, and accuracy for all parameters. Membrane cap for simple replacement of DO sensor.

Multiparameter Water Quality Checker U-50

Monitor surface water and ground water by deploying the probe directly into a body of water or using a flow cell. The GPS models facilitate environmental surveys of oceans, lakes and rivers.

Skip to main content. U series u5 probe features include chemical resistant materials and construction, field replaceable sensors, an ultra-sensitive turbidity horba high sensitivity available for U and Ua dissolved oxygen sensor with screw-on-type membrane cap which requires minimal maintenance, and an optional ToupH pH electrode which is difficult to break.

More Converter for peracetic acid monitor PM Backlit LCD display with on-screen instructions and two font sizes. The MiniRAE is the latest flagship model featuring the widest range of any handheld PID available and built in correction factors for over compounds.


More Industrial conductivity meter high concentration type HEH. Use the Boriba series multi-parameter water quality meters to simultaneously measure and view the monitoring result of up to eleven parameters with one device. Improved stability of the dissolved oxygen sensor has been achieved with a new 3 electrode design for fast response and polarographic sensor for horiva of maintenance.

An all new sensor design manages to achieve excellent hriba while being more robust then previous models and remaining economical. Simultaneous on-screen display of all eleven parameters. Did you know that Equipco also sells used equipment? Precision has been improved over conventional instruments. Choose from 25 toxic sensors, 3 PID sensors with a 9.

Do you have any questions or requests? The long 30 meter cable option allows the user to deploy the sensor probe unit and collect measurement data at various depths. News Blog Press Releases. The control unit’s waterproof design allows the user to work without concern of splashing or accidentally dropping the control unit in the water. One touch horibs for checking pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, and water depth.

Horiba U Series Manual.

Horiba U Series Water Quality Meter | Enviro-Equipment, Inc.

With the sensor probe lowered and submersed at an intake, 10, data sets can be stored in the control unit horina transfered to a PC later. The MultiRAE Series of handheld gas detectors includes three models for detection of up to six threats simultaneously. Use joriba form to contact our specialists. Data management features of the U include an auto-hold function to freeze average data values so horibaa can be transcribed easily, a diagnostic function which notifies the user of errors, selective measurement units so the operator can report data without converting units, and a USB connection for interface with and data management through a PC.

A quick connect feature allows the U control unit cable to be easily and quickly connected u500 disconnected. Designed for easy one-hand operation. Ideal for uses such as measuring at draining ditches and wharfs, marshes, surface water, and ground water from an intake. Horiba U Series Datasheet. All 11 parameters are displayed simultaneously on screen, a larger font size is available, and variable display technology compensates when used in extreme ambient lighting conditions.


Shock resistant cover designed for rough treatment in the field and is easily cleaned. Use the Horiba U series multiparameter water quality meter to simultaneously measure and view the monitoring result of up to eleven parameters, including pH, oxidation reduction potential ORPdissolved oxygen DOconductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids TDSseawater specific gravity, temperature, turbidity, and water depth, with one device.

Did you know that Equipco also sells environmental field supplies? The U Series multi-parameter water k50 meters are equipped to measure and log data for as many as 11 parameters simultaneously with one single probe. Whether you horiva calibration standards, tubing, or other supplies like gloves and labels, we stock everything you need to finish the job.

Horiba Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meters

Rent a Similar Product Save money by renting from Equipco. Selectable measurement units allow the operator to report data without the need to convert data to desired units of measure.

Diagnostic functions notify the user of errors. Our high quality field supplies, including NIST traceable calibration solutions and gases, come at significant savings over manufacturer brands.

The backlight display allows the user to take measurements in the dark. USA cable is sold separately and includes software.