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Pleistocene vegetation in Yakutia’s most continental part recorded in the Batagay permafrost sequence. Global trait—environment relationships of plant communities. Multiple indicators uhrdn diverging results on grazing degradation and climate controls across Tibetan pastures. GrassPlot — a database of multi-scale plant diversity in Palaearctic grasslands — Phytocoenologia: The vascular plant flora of Hustai National Park, Mongolia: Composition, life forms, ecological groups and geographical elements.

Sodium is the likely target of geophagy in Nepal gray langurs. Taxonomic diversity masks leaf vein—climate relationships: Evolution of the non-scaling tail of leaf venation networks in dicotyledons: A clark germany erfahrungen l-Gharaibeh, M.

Environmental gradients shape the genetic structure of two medicinal Salvia species in Jordan. Chromosome numbers of the flora of Germany – a ignersoll online database of georeferenced chromosome counts and flow cytometric ploidy estimates. Plant species vary their soil pH niche in dry grasslands across Eurasia. The huren between soil pH and plant species richness vanishes with increasing aridity across Eurasian dry grasslands. Combined effects of livestock grazing and environment on plant species composition and soil condition across Tibetan grasslands.

Evolution of an invasive tree: Acido- and neutrophilic temperate forest plants display distinct shifts in ecological pH niche across north-western Europe. Population uhrfn and genetic diversity of Populus laurifolia in fragmented riparian gallery forests of the Mongolian Altai Mountains.

Genetic diversity in the locally declining Laserpitium prutenicum L. Generic circumscriptions in the German flora. Raising the profile of the Palaearctic natural grasslands.

Probabilistic species pools in ecology and biogeography. Rothmaler Exkursionsflora von Deutschland. Springer Spektrum, Berlin, Heidelberg, Mixed reproduction strategy and polyploidy facilitate dominance of Kobresia pygmaea on the Tibetan Plateau. Detecting long-term losses at the plant community level — arable fields in Germany revisited.

Landscape complexity has limited effects on genetic structure of two arable weed species, Adonis aestivalis and Consolida regalis. Historical and recent fragmentation of temperate floodplain grasslands: Do patch size and distance affect plant species richness of wet meadow communities?

Pasture degradation modifies the water and carbon cycles of the Tibetan highlands. Trends in cashmere production and declines of large wild mammals are correlated yet not causally linked — a reply to Berger et al.


Ploidy levels in the alpine sedge Kobresia pygmaea Cyperaceae and related species – combined application of chromosome counts, new microsatellite markers and flow cytometry — Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society Extreme genetic depauperation and differentiation of both populations and species in Eurasian feather grasses Stipa — Plant Systematics and Evolution Ex situ cultivation reduces genetic diversity of arable plants.

Forschungen zur heimischen Flora. Schlaglichter der Biologischen Forschung in der Mongolei. Rothmaler – Exkursionsflora von Deutschland. Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg, p. Long-term population trends in three grassland insect groups: A global assessment of the non-equilibrium concept in rangelands. Shrub management is the principal driver of differing population sizes between native and invasive populations of Rosa rubiginosa L. Declining genetic diversity and increasing genetic isolation towards the range periphery of a Eurasian feather grass: A study along a km longitudinal gradient — International Journal of Plant Sciences Meta-analysis of rain-use efficiency confirms indicative value for degradation and supports non-linear response along precipitation gradients in drylands.

Spatial genetic structure and low diversity of the rare arable plant Bupleurum rotundifolium L. Germination performance of native and non-native Ulmus pumila populations. Abiotic and biotic determinants of steppe productivity and performance — a view from Central Asia, In: Ecological problems and livelihoods in a changing world, pp.

Genetic diversity of six arable plants in correlation to their Red List status — Biodiversity and Conservation Fifty years of change in Central European grassland vegetation: Long-term decline in the abundance of leafhoppers and planthoppers Auchenorrhyncha in Central European protected dry grasslands — Biological Conservation: Effect of grazing on carbon stocks and assimilate partitioning in a Tibetan montane pasture revealed by 13CO2 pulse labeling. Global Change Biology The New Herbarium Senckenbergianum: Old institutions under a new common roof.

ihgersoll Similar performance in peripheral and central populations of Stipa capillata L. Tracking the origin of invasive Rosa rubiginosa populations in Argentina. Habitat loss of floodplain meadows in north Germany since the s. Good news from grasshoppers — Minor changes in orthopteran assemblages of Central European dry grasslands during the last 40 years.

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Ecological stability during LGM and mid-Holocene in an arid alpine biome indifferent to environmental changes? Alpine Steppe Plant Communities of the Tibetan highlands. Grazing depresses soil carbon storage through changing plant biomass and composition in a Tibetan alpine meadow.

Water availability unequally affects seed production kngersoll seed viability of Stipa krylovii Roshev. Trees in the desert: Reproduction and genetic structure of fragmented Ulmus pumila forests in Mongolian drylands. Effects of fertilization and irrigation on Stipa steppes in dry southern Mongolia. Joint Kobresia Ecosystem Experiment: Investigations on the invasion success of Ulmus pumila L. Highly reduced genetic diversity of Rosa rubiginosa L. A new conservation strategy for arable weed vegetation in Germany — the project ” fields for biodiversity”.


The inter-annual climatic variability in Central Asia – a contribution to the discussion on the importance of environmental stochasticity in drylands.

Ingersoll Bison N°41 2813YL

Are current agri-environment schemes suitable for long-term conservation of arable plants? Relative importance of different seed dispersal types in dry Mongolian rangelands. Effects of NPK-fertilisation in arid southern Mongolian steppes. Effects of herbivore exclusion in southern Mongolian desert infersoll.

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Low genetic variability and strong differentiation among isolated populations of the rare steppe grass Stipa capillata L. Wesche gesetz menschliche notdurft. Pluralism and diversity – trends in the use and application of ordination methods Biparental inbreeding depression, genetic relatedness and progeny vigor in a wind-pollinated treeline species in Argentina – Plant Ecology Predicting plant species and communities by using GIS and Landsat data in a southern Mongolian mountain range.

Plant communities of the southern Mongolian Gobi — Phytocoenologia Extensive clonality of the endemic Calamagrostis pseudopurpurea ex O. Grazing impact on seed production in southern Mongolia. Molecular data indicate multiple independent colonizations of former lignite mining areas in Eastern Germany by Epipactis palustris Orchidaceae — Biodiversity and Conservation Recruitment of trees at tropical-alpine treelines: Polylepis in South America and Erica species in Africa.

Performance of the tree line species Polylepis australis along its entire altitudinal range in Central Argentina. Germination ecology of Central Asian Stipa spp: Tropical moist Polylepis stands at the treeline in East Bolivia: Post-fire population dynamics of two tree species in high-altitude Polylepis Rosaceae forests of central Ecuador — Biotropica Relationships between climate, productivity and vegetation in southern Mongolian drylands.

Basic and Applied Dryland Research 1: Seed germination of five mountain steppe species of Central Asia. Mountain forest islands and Holocene forest retreat in Central Asian deserts. A case study from the South Gobi Altay, Mongolia.

Effects of altitude and livestock on the regeneration of two tree line forming Polylepis species in Ecuador. Habitat engineering under dry conditions: The impact of pikas Ochotona pallasi on vegetation and site condition in southern Mongolian steppes. Impact of sowing, canopy cover and litter on seedling dynamics of Polylepis species at upper treelines in Central Ecuador.