You may not have heard Jean-Claude Forest’s name, but you know his most famous creation, the free-love sci-fi classic Barbarella. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest, Kelly Sue DeConnick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Book 1 (first collected in ), Barbarella’s. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Its lovely artwork – lots of stylized shots of the alien world, and each chapter using only black and one jewel-ton Barbarella is one of my favorite movies. Flrest, overall, the comic book isn’t bad but I’d say I liked the movie more. Many later characters owe a debt to Barbarella, and not just the obvious ones like Vampirella.

Barbarella (comics) – Wikipedia

Considered daring and erotic at the time although daring, it isn’t really erotic, and underground American comics of the time were much more graphicthis is the series that inspired the movie Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda.

I understand in recent years a Barbarella Psychadella! By far, one of the weirdest books I’ve read. While the dialogue deserves derision, Jean-Claude Forest’s artwork shines. Barbarellathe creation that would make Forest internationally famous, originated in as a comic strip in the French periodical V Magazine. But when you get used to his style, you find that his imagination is as boundless as Barbarella’s curiosity, always building new worlds and giving them unique populations and rules.

Refresh and try again. Barbarella remains highly influential, and through it Jean-Claude Forest’s legacy lives on. I liked the way the earlier colors as well, at least for the way in which they delineated the different chapters.

The book takes the form of four or five chapters, each detailing a series of somewhat connected events and generally telling a self-contained story.

Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella:

This first collection, wrestled into book form by Grove Press and graced with a somewhat clumsy translation a later edition from Humanoids features a new translation by Kelly Sue DeConnick has a tendency to be a bit abrupt in transitions thanks to the original format. Eroticscience fiction.


The film starring Jane Fonda is one of my favorite movies of all-time.

An Unfettered History book. The more affordable, and more complete, version of Barbarella will be out in January. It’s more of a collection of stories about Barbarella’s adventures on the planet Lythion.

An English translation by Richard Seaver reached readers only a few years after the initial French printings, first serialized in Evergreen Review and then collected in a single volume. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The comic book, on which the film claure based, makes a slightly more sense and is entertaining enough. Whatever follows reliably takes place off-panel.

Actually, there are quite a few differences between the comic book and the film. Barbarella is a fictional heroine in a French science fiction comic book created by Jean-Claude Forest. Bastante ridicula, no muy divertida y muy increible, ni siquiera el erotismo clauee transmite la salva un poco, pero tiene sus cosas interesantes, como la ciudad de Sogo. But whereas Captain Kirk might throw a double-fisted punch, or Spock might use a mind-meld or a Vulcan nerve pinch, Barbarella has sex.

It’s worth lugging it home, though, and not just because it’s got a lovely blue satin bookmark. All in all, it’s a pretty, fun classic, and while the characters and stories are rather bare-bones, the artwork and humor make up for it. Anyway, Barbarella doesn’t make much sense clade the rules of the universe aren’t explained very well. For the next two years, at the rate of eight pages every three months, I told her adventures, going with the flow of inspiration, without any pre-planning. I understand in recent years a newer edition with a revised translation and containing the continuing chapters not included here has been released.

There is a second volume of Barbarella, originally released inbut that doesn’t seem to be available in electronic format at the moment.

She’s confident, competent and lives for new adventures.

This Barbarella goes rather abruptly at times from one adventure to another on one planet. Mar 10, Steven rated it liked gorest Shelves: Also the cover is ugly as hell.


Your comment will be queued in Akismet! Barbarella is story of a space-faring hero working her way through a variety of soft sci-fi problems – wars between nations, an evil hunter going after genetically modified prey. The new adaptation is barbbarella infused with sex, in other words, and it reads more obviously as a sex comedy.

Retrieved from ” https: The artwork is simple but good and the story is somewhat disjointed – most likely a product of being a serial This recent English translation from collects all of the first series of Barbarella comic strips originally published in V magazine between and Read this graphic novel if you’re a third wave feminist trying to reclaim the sexploitation of the s.

Aug 26, Paul rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 29, at It led me to come up with Barbarella. In the film, she was a law enforcer, not just some adventurer, and she had to find Durand Durand because he invented the Positronic Ray. Jane Fonda is the spitting image of the illustrated Barbarella, which is neat. The most sexual thing about Barbarella is her willingness to have sex.

This recent English translation from collects all of the first series of Barbarella comic strips originally published in V magazine between and Whatever their influence, these precursors were very different babrarella the science fiction heroine which Jean-Claude Forest devised in for Georges H.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Like the movie, there’s lots of sex, and the abruptness with which it starts and ends is played for laughs a feeling I clayde at the beginning and end of each chapter, too. The plot mechanics and the male gaze both make themselves felt.