An Introduction to Social Anthropology: Sharing Our Worlds [Joy Hendry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An essential core textbook that. An Introduction to Social Anthropology: Sharing Our Worlds. Front Cover. Joy Hendry. Palgrave Macmillan, – pages. An introduction to social anthropology: sharing our worlds / Joy Hendry Hendry, Joy peoples, this is a truly international introduction to social anthropology.

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Taking a truly global and holistic view, it Taking a truly global and holistic view, it includes a wide range of case studies, touching on topics that both divide and connect us, such as family, marriage and religion.

This is an inviting, engaging and enjoyable text that has established itself as a comprehensive introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology. Written in an accessible style, and including a wide range of pedagogical features, it is ideally suited to new or prospective students seeking to better understand the discipline and its roots.


Comprehensive overview of all the essentials covered in introductory Social and Cultural Anthropology modules Pedagogical features include illustrations, a glossary, further readings and films, first-hand accounts of people across the world, and topics for reflection Student-friendly approach with clear and engaging writing style.

Seeing the World 2.

An Introduction to Social Anthropology – Joy Hendry – Macmillan International Higher Education

Disgusting, Forbidden and Unthinkable 3. Gifts, Exchange and Reciprocity 4. The Ritual Round 5.

A Set of Symbols 6. Beauty and Bounty, Treasure and Trophies 7.

Religion, Magic and Mythology 8. Law, Order and Social Control The Art of Politics Family, Kinship and Marriage Economics and the Environment Identities in a Connected World Her previous books include Science and Sustainability: Social SciencesSocial Anthropology.

Includes a new chapter on the role of social and cultural anthropologists and the specific methods they use in a fast-changing world Features a number of new first-hand accounts to explore difficult concepts through people’s real world experiences Updated sections for further exploration, including books, articles, novels, films and websites.


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