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In he moved to Prague to study philosophy at Borovwk University and, influenced by the revolutionary atmosphere before the Revolutions ofdecided on the objective of becoming a patriotic writer. He devoted himself to studying Czech and literature.

After graduating he began studying theology because he thought the best way to serve the nation would be as a priest. He was expelled after one year for “showing too little indication for spiritual ministry”.

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After failing to find a teacher’s job in Bohemia, he left for Moscow to work as a tutor in a Russian teacher’s epitramy He became a Russophile and a Pan-Slav, but after recognizing the true reality of the Russian society he took the pessimistic view that “Pan-Slavism is a great, attractive but feckless idea”. His memories of the Russian stay were published first in magazines and then as a book Obrazy z Rus Pictures from Russia.

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He returned to Bohemia inaged 24 and used his writing skills to criticize the fashion of embracing anything written in the recently reborn Czech language.

He eventually relinquished his seat to focus on journalism. Often, he would criticize those that agreed with him as much as those that epiggramy.

Epigramy by Karel Havlíek-Borovský (2009, Paperback)

He excoriated revolutionaries for their radicalism, but also advocated ideas like universal suffrage-a concept altogether too radical for most of his fellow liberals. He was a pragmatist, and had little patience for those that spent their time romanticizing the Czech nationality without helping havvlek achieve political or cultural independence.

He used much of the space in his newspapers to educate the people on important issues-stressing areas like economics, which were sorely neglected by other nationalist writers. He was brought to court for his criticism there was no freedom of the press in the Habsburg’s territory but was found not guilty by a sympathetic jury. The magazine was a target of censorship from the start. Again, he was found not guilty by a sympathetic jury of Czech commoners.

In the night of December 16,he was arrested by the police and forced into exile in Brixen, Austria present-day Italy. He was depressed from the exile, but continued writing and wrote some of his best work: When he returned from Brixen inhe learned that his wife had died a few days earlier. Most of his former friends, afraid of the Bach system, stood aloof from him.


Only a few publicly declared support for him.

Karel Havlíček Borovský – Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia

His funeral was attended by about 5, Czechs. The bronze statue by Joseph Strachovsky was cast by V. In a biographical film was released.

Siddhesh Joshi Editor I am a simple man trying to live a simple life!!!!!! Contents Karel havl ek borovsk kr l l vra mluven slovo cz Karel havl ek borovsk tyrolsk elegie poezie mluven slovo cz Early life and education Career Memorials References. Karel havl ek borovsk tyrolsk elegie poezie mluven slovo cz. Career After failing to find a teacher’s job in Bohemia, he left for Moscow to work as a tutor in a Russian teacher’s family: Intimacies of a Prostitute.