Kvantová teorie nikoho nezabije. Author: Chown Marcus Release date: Publisher: Albatros Media a.s.. Number of Pages: pages. Next» · «. Physics, June Back to overview, Subject RSS feed · Kvantová teorie nikoho nezabije. Chown, Marcus,. Date of acquisition: Jun 25, říjen Hawking, Stephen,. Date of acquisition: Jul 11, Kvantová teorie nikoho nezabije. Chown, Marcus,. Date of acquisition: Jun 25,

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Though, both magic and logic are different interpretations of the same world. That said, it manages to cram in some of the important stuff t A whistlestop tour through the two theories that underpin pretty much all modern physics – quantum theory, and relativity. The author was very good at explaining a complex subject in a simple way but some of the concepts are still a little way out there me to understand.

Calculating the cosmos Stewart, Ian, Date of acquisition: As I am a nerd, I had encountered lots of the ideas discussed in this book before.

Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You by Marcus Chown

The two towering achievements of modern physics are quantum theory and Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The nikobo is an interesting, informative, easy to read book that gets the information across. I am a complete layman when it comes to this subject.

I will track down a heavier book but this is a good starter on the subject, call it a appetizer if you will. After all Richard Feynman said it,himself: The physics of everyday things Kakalios, James, Date of acquisition: Back to overviewSubject RSS feed.

General and Inorganic Chemistry I

The book started off really well and I was understanding what was being said but then when alternate universes, time travel and time in general was discussed, I started to lose my understanding somewhat and just grasping the odd bit here and there. Chown links them all wonderfully, in a way I would never have been able to do on my own. The title is somewhat misleading as this is very much a book of two halves – ‘Small Things’ and ‘Big Things’.


The e-learning system LMS Moodle is available to teachers and students. The next years will be interesting for mankind. I will admit that I have limited knowledge on the subject here but I learnt quite a lot from this book. Hardcoverpages. The amount of Einstein breakdowns was astonishing, the man was definitely a pioneer in this field of research.

Want to Read saving…. A Guide for the Perplexed’ which has better explanations and demonstrates the vital role a diagram can play when grappling with a new concept. Basic relations between structures and properties on atomic level, principles of bond formation in relation to stability, reaction rate, changes of energy during reaction, phase and chemical equilibria in relation to technological problems.

When a circle goes from this: Overall, I’d definitely recommend this if you have any sort of vague notion about quantum theory and want to read something to keep you interested. Exploring quantum physics through hands-on projects Prutchi, David Date of acquisition: Attendance of two written tests at lessons during whole semestr is compulsory with consequences stated in art.

Chown does an nice job of showing how the different parts of quantum physics and relativity connect to each other, and how each of the weird and well-known consequences of these things – atoms existing in two places at once, for instance – are inevitable, logical consequences of the deep theory.

The language of the book is fiction-like. Over and over again. The purpose of reading popular science is to become acquainted with complicated ideas, not to become an expert.

That said, it manages to cram in some of the important stuff to varying degrees of success. It succeeded in as much as I know more about the subject than I did before I listened to the book, but the quote from Feynman does at least provide me with some comfort.

I’m not going to lie, I love popular science books. So nikho nobody understands the laws of quantum physics or, more likely, an explanation for how these particles got to their destination quicker than expected will be found. Although Chown doesn’t make everything entirely understandable – one could hardly expect him to, this book certainly engages the awe sections of your brain.


Well, besides the admittedly ample glossary, which appears to be a staple of Chown’s books.

In fact, I think we should call things as they are. Forget it; do you even know what light is? Yet I didn’t feel bored.

Stáhněte si knihy od Tomas Marvan – Page 3 – Free E-Book Download

This is the closest I’m come to kvantiva a grip on quantum theory yet. This book is best suited for people who wants to get awed by how our modern science has shaped human understanding of the universe and everything in it.

He doesn’t humor his kvxntova and I like that. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Einstein Ryckman, Thomas Date of acquisition: Quotes from Quantum Theory Ca Anyway, the book covers many of the facets of quantum theory, and if I had a penny for every time Einstein is mentioned, I’d be rich.

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Niklho that you grow old more quickly on the top floor of a building than on the ground floor? Marcus Chown is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. It’s light, understandable book, perfect for amateurs like me. Chown’s down-to-earth writing style helps, but there’s no escaping the problem that condensing topics like quantum entanglement and probability waves to this extent will necessarily sacrifice answers to a whole host of follow-up questions that arise to the curious beginner.

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