[Audio Transcription](?v=wjaIq3fuJg8) [Written Transcription](). Another interview was also held in secret, that took place later between Ole K. and “Lacerta” within the same home in Sweden on April 23rd. Interview Edit. Lacerta was allegedly interviewed in and then again in , while in Sweden, by a man living in an rural area. In The Lacerta Files she.

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Hello, Lacetta am young man from Slovakia. Now, there is not only one level, but several. Well, most of the dinosaurs died not all in the detonation but in the bad things which came after the war, especially in the nuclear winter and in the fall-out.


It is the artificial sun zone in which specially illuminated corridors and rooms are housed. There is info for everybody. This interview was done in person as far as the story goes.

I would assign it at first glance to an alien species who have been visiting your planet for the last 35 years or so. The humanoid species seemed to be successful during the first time, but in a last battle the reptilians decided to use a mighty experimental weapon — a special kind of fusion bomb which should destroy the life forms on the planet but should not harm the valuable raw materials and the copper.

You have to imagine for yourself the viewpoint of the more highly advanced creatures. Open your eyes and see. The entire conversation lasted well over three hours long and during that time, amazing details about our world were then revealed. Then, I searched for the original English version to find out it was a translation of the original Swidish version. They consume flesh, fruit, vegetables, and special kinds of fungus. Like you, I have a head, two arms, two hands, two legs and two feet and the proportions of my body are like yours.


The opponents in this 65 million year old war were two advanced alien species, whose both names are again not pronounceable for your tongues. The last creation of the seventh breed — of your series — was done intervieww 8, years ago and this is the only creation you can remember and to which your religious writings refer.

Specifically, something ought to be on Earth for the more highly developed species.

That being said, IF this is truth I would LOVE to meet one of them myself, as I believe it would be a fascinating experience to discuss any multitude of topics, ranging from their religious beliefs, to their technological capabilities and deep history.

It was told to you that the higher the ordinal or ranking number of basic matter, the simpler the heightening of the condition, but that is only partially correct. We have found many skeletons of primitive dinosaurs, but none of an advanced reptilian being with a larger skull and brain and a hand with a thumb as you have described it before.

Only one last question. It couldn’t be much clearer, yet fear, greed intwrview stupidity cause us to not be able to open our eyes.

Pose other questions, please. But please note the following: The alien species of course quickly noticed that they were dealing with simple-minded creatures, and they gave you false and inferior information about their technology so that they receive much more out of the collaboration than your kind do. We have artificial sun-rooms in the underground but this is not the same for us like the real sun. This is a silly question. Not while I was watching them!

The meeting took place on April 27, in another isolated location. She sounds very smart. You people have believed from time immemorial what you are supposed to believe—what was foreseen for you to believe by your creators. I believe the experiments with DMT are proof we are one consciousness and can tap into a Universal knowledge to gain truth. They see us like we see ants…. Imagine for yourself that all the matter here —you, this table, this pencil, this technical device, this paper— does not really exist, but that it is rather only the result of a field oscillation and a concentration of energy.


Can you tell me your name? Nearly all dinosaurs and reptilians were dead within the next 20 years. I believe it is within our grasp, it lays within our realm of possibility. I would love to talk to anyone there, not as an ally but as a friend. However, sometimes humans have seen a ship partly from it being detected, or one of us were not careful enough with their skills in the sky. She then explained that she is a curious student of social behavior and of humankind. Yes, but that incident was not the first one.

How old is your species?

Lacerta | UFO-Alien Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

That is not true, but how should you know that? Offenders will be permabanned without warning. It was even undertaken to extract message kacerta significance from it.

Transcript of Interview Shortened Version. My homeland lies in one of our smaller underground settlements to the east of here. A los malos se les permite actuar y hacer su papel para ayudarnos a interrview y a volvernos proactivos y en control y responsablidad de nuestras vidas.


From where did they come and how did they look like? Well, most of the dinosaurs died not all in the detonation but in the bad things which came after the war, especially in the nuclear winter and in the fall-out. And within this small period beings like you were created.