The purpose of this paper is to analyze a particular piece of music, “ Chromatische Phantasie” by György Ligeti, using an eclectic analysis technique which. György Ligeti. Chromatische Phantasie, for piano (suppressed by composer as juvenalia). Composition Information ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. Chromatische Phantasie. By György Ligeti, Fredrik György Ligeti: Chorwek (Arr . for Guitar) · Ligeti: Cello Concerto, Mysteries of the Macabre & Piano Concerto.

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Member feedback about Violin Concerto Ligeti: Member feedback about Sonata for Solo Cello Ligeti: The premiere took place in Stockholm, in May 16, It rises to try to control the right hand, which leads to a violent, dramatic pounding on the keys.

Ligeeti sonatas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Ligeti john Quadraphonic sound Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Music matrix2infinity. Retrieved 1 March The composer describes the conception and result of its technique: By escaping Hungary, he obviously gave up hope that his music could bring change to his country, which had been filled with Nazis and Communism for his entire life.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset phantasoe. The next measures use repetition of notes to extend the aggregate for another 20 seconds although the pitches are happening in smaller note values.

He called to the West for help as he withdrew from the Warsaw pact. Although the ricercata or ricercar is an established contrapuntal style and the final movement of the work is in that formLigeti’s title should probably be interpreted literally as “researched music” or “sought music”. The static left hand reappears, ready to control any sense of movement that the right hand tries. The work is in two movements. It is based pphantasie the dodecaphonic compositional technique.


The first and third movements are var It seems as if the left hand is constantly trying to slow things down as the right ligetl is trying to break free from the rhythm. Andante cantabile Allegretto chrkmatische capriccioso String Quartet No. Member feedback about Lakodalmas Ligeti: Vivacissimo luminoso — attacca: Figure 5 This chart shows the time and characteristics of the five sections.

The composition is scored for one solo piano and takes approximately 6 minutes to perform.

Chromatische Phantasie | Revolvy

It was later published by Schott Music in Retrieved February 8, Musical illusions which Chromatischf consider to be also so important are not a goal in itself for me, but a foundation for my aesthetical attitude. The piece is unpublished. He could then use the exploration in composing the piece to explore how his emotions would play out if fully lligeti in his life. This is not a unified piece. Syntax The Chromatische Phantasie was written inand is one of the last pieces Ligeti finished before fleeing Hungary after the revolution.

György Ligeti – Chromatische Phantasie (suppressed by composer as juvenalia) – Classical Archives

Ligeti was a fervent critic of his own work. Few composers are so attuned to their audience’s concentration threshold. The performers then leave the stage. Each hand is starkly separate from the other, whether rhythmically, spatially, or both.

The movements are as follows: Ligeti doesn’t ever try your patience. Sound-in-Time This will reference the sections as delineated in the partial transcription at the end of this paper. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The set has been published by Schott Music together with Ligeti’s Invention for piano, which is put in the middle and which the set is strongly associated with.


It was composed in and is one of Ligeti’s collections of Hungarian pieces which the composer himself conceived as a whole. It is specifically this raw emotion which is conveyed in this piece which makes it so compelling as a reaction to the oppressive atmosphere of Hungary in As the party tries to catch it, they meet and the discussion begins, but the party can only speak one thought. The piece then collapses into heavily sustained, loud, quickly repeating clusters covering the entire range of the piano, creating a thick texture focused around Octave 3 and climaxing at full volume and speed before a sudden stop and silence for 8 seconds as the pedal has been lifted but the remnants of the sound fade away.

Chromatische Phantasie (suppressed by composer as juvenalia)

His style was one of dense sound and unique timbre created through creative use of colors, chromatisism, counterpoint, and instrumentation. A seven-second pause leads to section D, which sings a chromatic melodic voice with the right hand, which is interrupted by sparse left-hand patterns from the previous section. This is Ligeti’s only finished piece in his entire catalogue in which he uses such system.

It has been said about Ligeti: This page was last edited on 2 Augustat Member feedback about Hamburg Concerto: Member feedback about Cello Concerto Ligeti: The Adventure, Castlevania II: Science fiction operas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain grand macabre kasimirknopf. Let the silences breath and fade, do not cut them off.