“Herbert West: Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. “Herbert West—Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get Today we’re looking at “Herbert West—Reanimator,” written.

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Herbert West

A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos. It was written between October herbdrt June The hideous occurrence itself was very simple, notable only for what it implied. If anything, it was better. West had never fully succeeded because he had never been able to secure a corpse sufficiently fresh. Even without my bias, he did an excellent reading.

Herbert West–Reanimator

I think we screamed ourselves as we stumbled frantically toward the town, though as we reached the outskirts we put on a semblance of restraint— just enough to seem like belated revellers staggering home from a debauch. The arms stirred disquietingly, the legs drew up, and various muscles contracted in a repulsive kind of writhing.

West’s head was carried yerbert by the wax-headed leader, who wore a Canadian officer’s uniform. The Horror from the Shadows Many men have related hideous things, not mentioned in print, which happened on the battlefields of the Great War.

He hoped at lovecrat to obtain what he had never obtained before-a rekindled spark of reason and perhaps a normal, living creature.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But at the time of the scream in the cellar laboratory of the isolated Bolton cottage, our fears were subordinate to our anxiety for extremely fresh specimens.

Lovecraft Encyclopedia Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Paperback48 pages. The rattling continued, growing somewhat louder.

He vocalizes dread, horror, and fear in such an effective way, in my humble opinion. This circumstance was not without effect on West, who thought often of the irony of the situation—so many fresh specimens, yet none for his persecuted researches! He was ready, I think, to lvecraft proof of his increasingly strong opinion that consciousness, reason, and personality can exist independently of the brain—that man has no central connective spirit, but is merely a machine of nervous matter, each section more or less complete in itself.


The idea of zombified corpses roaming the land is quite disturbing and Lovecraft invokes some wonderful detail and original twists into the idea.

Herbert West: Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft

The mill-hands were of somewhat turbulent inclinations; and besides their many natural needs, their frequent clashes and stabbing affrays gave us plenty to do. We could not get bodies fresh enough to shew any trace of reason when reanimated, so had perforce created nameless horrors.

Age has more charity for these incomplete yet high-souled characters, whose worst real vice is timidity, and who are ultimately punished by general ridicule for their intellectual sins— sins like Ptolemaism, Calvinism, anti-Darwinism, anti-Nietzscheism, and every sort of Sabbatarianism and sumptuary legislation. I, myself, still held some curious notions about the traditional “soul” of man, and felt an awe at the secrets that might be told by one returning from the dead.

I loved this story it was cool to read and very enticing, my favorite right now from lovecraftI couldn’t wait to turn the pages.

We had that afternoon dug a grave in the cellar, and would have to fill it by dawn—for although we had fixed a lock on the house we wished to shun even the remotest risk of a ghoulish discovery. Between then and the next January we secured three more; one total failure, one case of marked muscular motion, and one rather shivery thing-it rose of reabimator and uttered a sound.

Only an open window told what had become of our assailant, and many wondered how he himself had fared after the terrific leap from the second story to the lawn which he must have made.

Full text of “Herbert West: Reanimator”

The speaker had asked for the custody of the cannibal monster committed from Arkham sixteen years before; and upon being refused, gave a signal which precipitated a shocking riot. That same night saw the beginning of the second Arkham horror— the horror that to me eclipsed the plague itself. Looming hideously against the spectral moon was a gigantic misshapen thing not to be imagined save in nightmares— a glassy-eyed, ink-black apparition nearly on by HP.


After the entombment we were all somewhat depressed, and spent the afternoon at the bar of the Commercial House; where West, though shaken by the death of his chief opponent, chilled the rest of us with references to his notorious theories.

Slightly later, when a change and a gentle tremor seemed to affect the dead limbs, West stuffed a pillow-like object violently over the twitching face, not withdrawing it until the corpse appeared quiet and ready for our attempt at reanimation.

From the hour of weet this item until midnight, West sat almost paralysed. Return to Book Page. It was not long after the faculty had interdicted his work that West confided to me his resolution to get fresh human bodies in some manner, and continue in secret the experiments he could no longer perform openly. His interest became a hellish and perverse addiction to the repellently and by HP. In college, and during our early practice together in the factory town of Bolton, my attitude toward him had been largely one of fascinated admiration; but herbret his boldness in methods grew, I began to develop a gnawing fear.

It reminded me a lot of Gaston Laroux’s Phantom of the Opera, in both feel and narrative style. Someone told me, back when it was a recent release, that its cheesy schlockiness didn’t do Lovecraft justice. Apr 15, Jody Taylor rated it really liked it.