Quick Tips for Polycom Telepresence m Jones, John. My IP: My Contacts. Enter an IP address, extension. (E address), or URL to call. Notes. Polycom RealPresence Desktop is an easy-to-use video collaboration app that provides HD quality audio, video and content sharing for PC users. Polycom Telepresence m Search our knowledge base or browse our documentation for answers to your support questions.

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There is an audio testing tool to assist the set-up of microphone and speakers. The m interface was found to be very easy to use, and is clean and uncluttered. The interface consists of:.

Making a Call There are a number of ways that call can be made.

Polycom m100 Client 5 Users (Discontinued)

The software uses the H. Perhaps it exists as a placeholder for some future functionality, but currently it appears to serve no purpose what so ever. For encryption the standard H. In general interoperation with other modern systems was ,100 good.

These are not major criticisms however. Installation The program was downloaded from the PolyCom web site. No native widescreen support — can result in cropped or letterboxed video. It is possible to make calls by both IP address and E.

At kbps polycm was slightly slower but still very good. Once downloaded it is possible to run the software installer. Audio poycom were conducted in a talking heads scenario, and in a scenario with movement and data sharing. Movement and data, kbps — At this bandwidth there was some slight deterioration in quality and testers noticed some lip synchronisation issues.

This fully standards compliant software worked well with all but one of the other H. On the product website are various help documents:.

Polycom M 5-User – VoIP Supply

Polyco, audio levels, audio quality and echo cancellation were of excellent quality throughout, and were all given top marks by both testers, with the bandwidth available making no difference to the scoring.


The user interface on the desktop.

The various test criteria are described in the version of the Evaluations Documentation [REF], and the detailed results are reproduced in Appendix 2.

Configuration options are clearly laid out. Table 1 shows the results experienced. The Quick Tips pdf is designed to be a folding double-sided A4 sheet. The audio still scored top marks throughout with the single exception of a slightly perceptible occasional stutter when double talking. Tests were conducted at the different bandwidths, from both ends of the call, and the call quality was rated by the receiving end in each case. The software auto-completes the address or name that you are using and offers the choices of completed numbers in a drop-down list.

It is not possible to share an individual application, window or region of the screen — it is the whole screen that is shared, or nothing. The NAT configuration was not used during the testing reported here, and neither was the use of H. The client is easy to use, and offers many of the features found in dedicated videoconferencing equipment, including:.

In the opinion of the testers, however, to call the experience Telepresence is still inaccurate as the experience is not as if you are in the same room as the remote caller. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. In order to activate the software thereafter, a License key must be purchased. This was true irrespective of whether the audio was part of a talking heads test or a talking heads with movement and data test.

It is not possible to specify or control the call settings, for example the outbound video format. Standards and Security PolyCom m supports a number of videoconferencing standards including H.


Bandwidth was set to kbps to try to encourage the two ends of the call to negotiate the best possible encoding and formats. The m menu An unusual feature is the ability for the administrator to protect some of the configuration options with a password. The issues that the H.

Encrypted calls are possible using both the SIP and the H. VGA transmit, p receive. The installation of m10 was then finished. A small summary section: No Dual Camera Capable: At kbps the desktop sharing started very quickly and was of a very high quality.

The only criterion on which the audio was given less than full marks was double-talk both ends talking at the same time. The intuitive interface lets users search directories for colleagues or friends and click a name to call, discuss projects and share virtually anything from their desktop to remote participants and teams. The PolyCom set-up is paused while the Adobe software is installed and k100 resumes.

Polycom RealPresence Desktop

It implies an immersive experience and is achieved by using high-cost, high quality, equipment in dedicated rooms often using dedicated private networks. SIP capability was not tested during this evaluation. The program runs a “First set up wizard” on first use.

Simply add an internet camera, microphone, and speakers and you are ready for telepresence. If this is the case, E. Other testers using alternative hardware and different networks might experience different results.

The standard equipment i. PolyCom m is an excellent desktop videoconferencing client. It should be noted that the use of these formats is dependent on the bandwidth available on the network, and the particular PC hardware on which m is installed.